Artwork brings depth and energy to a home. Choosing the right pieces is the key to getting the feel you want for each room in your house. At west elm, we offer a wide variety of art pieces, from contemporary to classic, to help you create a space you want to show off.
Dimensional art brings an unexpected touch to a space. The non-traditional look grabs attention and is a great choice to add drama to an entryway, hallway or dining room. Lighted pieces are fantastic choices to accent a bar or outdoor area, while wall tapestries and wooden pieces work well as a focal point in a living room or bedroom.
For a more traditional feel, hang framed photography prints in the room instead. From black and white images of buildings and cities, to landscapes and colorful flowers, and animals, it is possible to find photos to suit any taste. Go with a different theme for each room in the house, or group a series of photos by theme in one specific area.
Our Minted collection features special pieces chosen from a collaboration with independent artists in San Francisco. From watercolors, to photography to abstract designs, the collection has a variety of beautiful images to decorate any space. Add some personality to your home with art that matches your moods.