Mirrors are for more than just looking at your reflection, they are a great way to decorate any room. From small accent mirrors with embellished borders, to full-length mirrors with simple frames, you have multiple options for how to use them. west elm offers a large selection of mirrors to meet all of your design needs. Bring some flair to a hallway, bathroom or kitchen with a series of decorative mirrors hung in an arrangement. Choose designs with matching frames for a uniform look, or mix and match to create an eclectic feel. Use a large, single mirror to create a focal point over a large piece of furniture instead of the usual artwork for a different take on decorating a living room.
Floor mirrors serve both practical and decorative purposes, allowing people to check their reflections before they leave, and adding elegance to the space. Placing them across from a window can help reflect light across a room and they often make smaller rooms feel bigger. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to suit each room in the house. Wall mirrors serve multiple purposes in different rooms. In entryways, mirrors with ledges and hooks underneath offer room to hold keys, umbrellas, jackets and other items, keeping the space organized. In bathrooms and bedrooms, they add to the decor and give people a place to get ready in the morning. Unusual shapes like circles and hexagons stand out in the room, while square and rectangular mirrors with bright frames add a pop of color to the design. Use mirrors as part of your home decorating and brighten up your space.