Modern Clocks

When you outfit your home with midcentury furniture and other retro touches, it makes sense to completely embrace vintage style in every aspect. Though west elm knows that you likely have plenty of digital timepieces in your home, from your computer and phone to an assortment of household appliances, our selection of retro-style analog clocks can help you add something unique to your house. With options including wall and tabletop clocks with a variety of different takes on mid-20th-century design, you can find the perfect clock to complement and enhance your home decor. You may even find yourself ditching the screen and giving yourself some freedom from technology with these simple, effective timepieces in view.

Use our modern clocks as part of your wall decor scheme to enhance the feeling of midcentury charm or industrial minimalism to match our corresponding furniture. We offer a variety of different styles, including old-school analog wall clocks with bold number fonts on their faces. These clocks may recall your 20th-century school days in a fond and warm way with their familiar styling and highly visible time readout. For a more strictly decorative look, we offer wall clocks with stylized number fonts or no numbers at all. With these different tiers of clockface options, you can dial in the exact level of time-telling clarity and overall utility you want.

We have plenty of modern clocks that you can see as decorative objects that enhance your decor, including some modern, minimalist cuckoo clocks and tabletop clocks in the class retro double bell shape. Though some of our modern clocks emphasize decorative elements more than strict utility, all of them are fully functional as timepieces, and some even have working analog alarm systems that you can use as an alternative or backup to your contemporary wakeup alarm technology. Our clocks look great on a wall or on shelves and mantelpieces with other art and decorative objects, allowing you to create a vintage-inspired vignette with maximum charm and a touch of utilitarianism.

Our double bell alarm clocks look great on a bedroom nightstand or dresser, and they produce a reliably noisy sound that will have you leaping out of bed every morning. The iconic round face and dual round bell on top gives these clocks a classic look. However, we’ve focused on providing vintage-inspired clocks with a modern twist, and our double bell alarm clocks are available in bright colors and solid white as a way of bringing a classic shape into the 21st century.

Whether you choose to place these modern clocks in a guest bedroom, entryway, living room or kitchen, you will have a reliable source of time-telling that will function just as well in the face of a sudden power outage or software glitch. Tech companies may be constantly rolling out new smartwatches and other state-of-the-art solutions to classic problems, but an analog clock is ultimately an affordable and super reliable way of making sure your day runs smoothly. Plus, with our great design options, you can embrace a piece of the past without making a major commitment to vintage technology.

From your home office to the bedroom, modern clocks can be highly functional and charmingly decorative. They’re a particularly great addition to your home if you’re trying to reduce your dependence on your phone or computer in favor of time spent being outdoors, making things with your hands, reading books and generally relaxing without worrying about whether that email is going to get a timely response. With functionality that takes a multi-prong approach covering both form and function, our modern clocks are a small but significantly stylish addition to your home.