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Decorating with Clocks

From desk clocks to artful wall clocks, grandfather clocks and everything in between, there are many ways to accent a home using these functional, decorative timepieces. Some clocks hang on the wall, while others stand on the floor or a level surface. Before heading out to purchase a clock for your home, consider where you’ll put the clock and the room’s decor. An oversized clock may not work in a small home office, for instance, but it looks wonderful in a bright and airy central room, such as a living room. These decorating tips from us at west elm can help you determine where and how to display clocks around your home.

A Place of Prominence on the Wall

Many people choose larger, wall-mounted clocks because they add drama. It’s easy to use wall clocks as part of a larger gallery setup or make the clock a focal point in the space. When decorating the walls with clocks, you might start by adding complementary accessories. With decorative mirrors, it’s possible to start a beautiful wall collage located around the clock that draws attention to the whole wall. Collages can include either a few large, showy objects or a collection of smaller objects. Decorative mirrors, which come in many sizes and styles, provide a good base for the grouping. They naturally draw light, which brightens up the surrounding area. Eclectic and contemporary decorative mirrors look nice with a large modern clock. For a sleek, single-colored clock, find a decorative mirror with bold patterns and colors. A square or rectangular mirror with a round clock makes an aesthetically pleasing combination.


Additionally, picture frames play a role in creating a nice wall collage. Picture frames, like some mirrors, come in square and rectangular shapes. Hang them horizontally for an elongated look, show off a landscape photograph or hang a series of pictures vertically. Mix and match sizes of picture frames to create visual interest. Getting frames with different border sizes and in different colors creates aesthetic intrigue. Long picture frames look nice on a wall with an oversized wall-mounted clock on one side and two smaller picture frames on the other side.


Another idea for decorating a wall is with wall hangings. Some wall hangings are eclectic and modern, with interesting geometric shapes and patterns. Their diverse color palettes and shapes make them a focal point of the room. To prevent a clock from competing for attention with an artful wall hanging, choose a small wall clock made of a natural material, such as a light wood frame. Smaller wall hangings, and those with neutral, earthy tones, complement the look of a bold and contemporary clock. A small woven wall hanging, for instance, plays up the look of a contemporary clock with a bold face.

Paired with Shelving

When decorating, shelf storage comes in handy for removing visual clutter from the room. Shelves, similar to clocks, serve functional and aesthetic purposes. Shelving takes several forms, including ground-mounted and floating, which means that it attaches directly to the wall. An oversized wall-mounted clock placed above a wide and sturdy mounted shelving unit adds height and aesthetic appeal to the wall. For a tall and narrow shelving unit, put a small and round clock on the wall above. Ideally, the clock’s width is always narrower than the shelf’s width.


Wall racks and hooks also facilitate organization and remove wall clutter, allowing you to create a gallery-style arrangement on the wall that incorporates a stunning clock. A straight, horizontal rack matches well with a round clock that hangs from a pendulum-style mount. Alternatively, a cascading hook or rack balances aesthetically with a round clock mounted directly to the wall. Small clocks look nice mounted above a horizontal rack with a large mirror, while larger clocks stand out hanging next to smaller hooks and racks with a vertical mirror.

Tips for Decorating with Clocks

Here are a few additional ideas and tips that can help you arrange your clock – or clocks – in a way you love.


  • If you have multiple clocks with different dimensions, mount them all on the wall together for a unique grouping that showcases your collection. Save the artwork and mirrors for another space and focus on the clocks.
  • If you’re only using one main clock, mount it above eye level if there isn’t furniture below it. This draws your eyes upward, giving the impression of taller ceilings in the process.
  • If you’re hanging a clock above a sofa or other piece of furniture, leave at least 8" to 12" between the bottom of the clock and the top edge of the sofa or chair.
  • If you’re hanging a clock on a fireplace, leave about 6" between the bottom of the clock and the mantel.



It’s time to get decorating! Choose a favorite clock, and use these helpful tips to incorporate it into any space.