Enhance Your Decor with Fine Art Drawings

Art can be used to great effect to uplift the atmosphere of any space. It is an easy way to enhance your interior design with some extra color, focus, energy and style. Best of all, art prints make it possible and affordable to bring beautiful pieces of art into your home. At west elm, we carry a carefully curated selection of prints featuring modern, fine art drawings that can add an extra touch of elegance to your walls. They are available in a variety of designs, sizes and frame styles to suit your needs and tastes.

Drawing Prints from Talented Artists

Each print that you will find among our selection is specifically selected for the modern home. They incorporate minimalist and abstract design elements that invite the viewer to engage with the drawing and to form their own conception of what is being represented. We are proud to collaborate with a variety of artists from all walks of life to bring you their talented work. Our collaborations include art communities like Minted and ArtLifting as well as independent artists like Kate Arends. Drawing is a medium that truly allows for each artist's personality and style to come out. Discover unique drawings that will instantly catch the eye of anyone that walks into the room and serve as a fantastic conversation piece.

Decorating with Fine Art Drawings

Drawing prints are among the easiest types of prints to incorporate into a room style. As they come in more muted and neutral colors, they can match just about any color and design scheme. The right frame style and color will further help to tie the print into your room design. Frame options for different prints include black, white, natural and brass. Some are even available without a frame for a clean and simple look. Our drawings are also available in a range of sizes, from 11"x14" to 18"x24". Choose a larger print to function as a style centerpiece or a smaller print that you can incorporate into a gallery wall. Wall decor like decorative mirrors can always be used to great effect to complement wall art as well.

There's no denying that art can enhance the overall style and sophistication of a home, giving you something beautiful to look at and enjoy at the same time. Add some high-quality artwork to any room with prints featuring modern drawings from talented artists who have chosen to partner with west elm.