From your entryway to the bathroom, it can be helpful to have a place to hang things, whether it’s a heavy winter coat or a treasured necklace you want to keep safe. west elm’s modern wall hooks are the perfect solution to your wall organizing needs. Use these decorative organizational tools to hang your purse or keys at the end of a long day at work, keep wet towels off the floor, display jewelry as art and add some dimension and texture to your walls. With artistic design and the use of luxe materials such as marble and brass, we’ve created a collection of useful wall hooks that are as functional as they are beautiful.

As part of this balance between form and function, our modern wall hooks are available in a variety of different styles and sizes, allowing you to find just what you need to hang your things without interrupting or clashing with your interior design scheme. To enhance a retro-look room, opt for our vintage-inspired wooden hooks, which run in a straight line and are presented with the minimal embellishment that characterizes the mid-century modern design style. For a contemporary bohemian room, you can select one of our asymmetrical wall hook designs to add yet another facet of decor to the space.

From rustic and industrial hooks to shaped and themed options or those with a sculptural quality, all of our hooks offer a practical way to augment your existing wall decor. Present your hooks on their own or as part of a gallery wall with similarly themed wall sculptures, photographs or prints. For maximum storage space and visual impact, combine several wall hooks on the same wall. You can opt to use multiple pieces of the same style or mix and match different styles for a more eclectic look that also provides different types of storage for all your various needs.

These needs may vary from jewelry storage to hanging for more substantial items, and we have options to suit anything from light to heavy-duty support requirements. Our smaller hooks can look great above a dresser or placed on a bathroom wall above your sink. Larger hooks may work in an entryway, hallway, living or bedroom to hang everything from fleecy winter robes to lightweight summer blankets. No matter what your hanging needs, it’s best to consider size when picking out your wall hooks. If your hanging needs focus on light items such as scarves and jewelry, you can use any size hook, but if you have heavier things to hang, you may want to opt for our larger wall hook options to ensure proper support.

While you can place our modern wall hooks anywhere in your home, it’s best to consider specific needs to make the most of these attractive storage pieces. For example, if you want a place to hang hats, coats and scarves by your front door, placing your set of hooks close to the door and next to a small wall mirror can make it easy to give yourself a final once-over before heading out to face the day. For bathroom towel hanging, make sure your hooks aren’t so close to the ground that the towels will drape on the floor. Decorative hooks will look best when placed within sight, so you may even need to rearrange an existing gallery wall to make sure your new functional art piece gets its due.

Modern wall hooks can add a surprising amount of beauty and organizing power to any room in your house. Use our hooks to keep clothes off the floor in your bedroom, display your favorite pieces of jewelry, keep your keys within easy reach, give your guests a place to hang their hats and more. Just use our included hanging hardware to fix your new hooks securely to your walls and enjoy the many ways they’ll enhance the space.