Showcase Landscape Art & Seascape Art in Your Home

Bring the beauty of the natural world into your home by choosing landscape art & seascape art from west elm. This collection of wall art showcases favorite landscapes from around the world, allowing you to celebrate this natural beauty every day. Perfect for any room of the home, this art adds a personal touch to your home decor. Select a landscape that is meaningful to you, whether it's one that you once visited or one you dream of visiting. This collection of art allows you to add a personal touch to your walls. So, learn more about the landscape art & seascape art available at west elm before you shop.

Landscape Art

Vibrantly-hued landscape art brings nature to life on your walls. This collection includes a variety of landscapes, allowing you to find a work of art that speaks to you. Discover a colorful display of a desert, with its sand and rock formations standing out against the clear blue sky. A lush forest showcases evergreen hues, adding vibrant color and dimension to your home art collection. A snowy mountaintop captured in black and white celebrates the beauty of the outdoors. Clouds are inherently artistic, with their one-of-a-kind designs standing out against warm sunsets or clear skies. You'll find several landscape prints  featuring the beauty of the sky.

Seascape Art

The beauty of the sea is undeniable, which is why much of the art in this west elm collection captures seascapes. Plus, this art adds a coastal vibe to your home art collection. You can find several images of waves crashing onto the shore. A turbulent sea in hues of blue and black stands out on your walls. A sketch of an ocean view from a nearby balcony may take you back to your last beach vacation. If you love the ocean, seascape art is a must for your home.


This collection includes various styles of art. You can find illustrations designed on archival UV print stock paper that's ready to frame. A gallery-wrapped canvas is a durable addition to your walls and you can hang it without a frame. Painted landscape art comes on watercolor paper and includes a sturdy wood frame. Choose a style as well as a landscape or seascape perfect for your home.

Landscape art & seascape art adds a layer of dimension to your home art collection. To best showcase your new art, consider accenting it with sconces. When you do, you will create an art installation that will become the focal point of your room.