Decorate Your Space with Neutral Wall Art

Who says art has to be colorful and take over any space where it's hung? Add neutral wall art to your room and create a calming style that's elegant and sophisticated. Use this guide to learn more about wall art that's great for subdued spaces and rooms that are already full of color.

Neutral Wall Art Styles

Choosing something to hang on your walls isn't rocket science, but the pieces you pick will play a major role in defining your decor. Here are a few popular options if you're looking for neutral wall art for your bedroom, den, living room or dining area:

  • Wood wall art. Match your favorite furniture pieces and make a statement with wood wall art. Find a variety of sizes designed to look great in any space.
  • Papier-mache. Crisp and clean, papier-mache wall art blends naturally into the background while providing depth and definition to your room.
  • Framed prints. Nature scenes, animal prints, abstract styles and more. Look for framed prints to take a traditional route to hanging art in your home.
  • Textured wall sculptures. Ready to make your space a little bit more modern? Try a textured wall sculpture. Easy to hang just like a painting, these add some serious style to your living room. Try one above your sofa or in the dining room as a real conversation starter.
  • Tapestries and wall hangings. Modern and unique, tapestries and wall hangings add tons of texture to your room. Find single pieces or designs that incorporate more than one element.

Add art to your room without worrying about color. Keep it simple and understated with neutral wall art from west elm.