Decorating Your Home with Portraits + Figures Art

Make a statement in every room of your home when you decorate your walls, easels, rails and other available space with portraits + figures art. This classical art genre has always been a versatile one with modern permutations taking on new colors, perspectives and even a few abstractions. The subjectivity of these pieces allows you to show off your personality and, since these artworks are so easy to hang, you can move them from room to room as the mood strikes or during a redecoration.  Enjoy all that portraits + figures art has to offer your decor when you shop the high-quality and carefully curated selections available at west elm today. Check back frequently to update a fine art collection, too.

Portraits in Contemporary Art

Portraits have always been beloved by both artists and home decor enthusiasts. While many people like portraits for their ability to capture a specific moment, there's also a lot to be said for maintaining humanistic art in your home, thanks to its ability to work with almost any decor aesthetic.

  • Think of portraiture as a complement to any photographic portraits you may have of friends and family in your home. Select gorgeous frames for the photos and find artwork that looks good next to them.
  • Abstractions in portraits are another way to convey mood. Swooping lines may not strictly mirror the appearance of facial features, but they indicate a drama that's hard to turn down against a room full of beautiful furniture.
  • Modern color schemes let you update your home by including a color you might not try otherwise. Look for bolds, metallics, pastels, a deep neutral or other shades that are new and exciting to you.

Figurative Art for Around Your Home

Exploring the world of portraits + figures art includes looking at figurative art in a new light. See how the lines and forms you usually love become something significant to your decor when you place these pieces to complement other accents or beloved furniture pieces.

  • Figures art sometimes refers to paintings or prints that showcase a figure, but it may also refer to sculpture that takes a recognizable figure.
  • Figure in art usually refers to identifiable figures -- similar to portraits -- like people, animals or sometimes objects, particularly when taking a liberal view of the genre. This art may also be called representational artwork.
  • Choose a simple color palette to call out the lines of each figure or indulge in bright colors that offer a statement piece or conversation starter.

Selecting Your Next Artworks

Discover portraits + figures art that suit your style or expand your sense of artistic taste. If you have friends or family members that love creative gifts, choosing a piece of artwork for an occasion can be a meaningful way to commemorate a special moment.