Unframed Prints + Posters

There are many ways to approach wall decor, and sometimes, going for an unframed piece of art allows you to exercise greater control over the way your new decorative piece looks in your home. With this in mind, west elm offers a selection of unframed posters and prints for you to choose from. With sleek and of-the-moment options available in this category, you can assemble a collection of prints or posters to display however you like. Whether you choose to go old school with some thumbtacks or you take the on-trend bulldog clip route, hanging unframed art pieces can be quite easy and aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to display unframed art aside from thumbtacks or picture frames. You can mount your unframed poster or print on a raw piece of wood, or you can sandwich it between two glass or Plexiglass panels secured with industrial-style clamps. Many of our unframed posters and prints come on archival paper that’s thick enough to stand up on its own, too, so you can even take the simple approach of propping your new art piece up on a shelf or table. There’s really no wrong way to do it, and having the ability to choose your own display tools can make a piece of art feel more your own.

Once you’ve decided to opt for unframed art rather than framed or stretched canvas pieces, you can consider elements like color, size and theme. Many of our unframed posters and prints are modestly sized with dimensions topping out around 24 inches, making them perfect for smaller spaces in need of embellishment. This small size also means that you can collect multiple pieces from this category and display them all together for an impressive and cohesive effect.

Whether you choose to combine them with matching pieces from a series or with other types of art, our unframed posters and prints make excellent choices for a gallery wall, particularly if you choose to unify the different elements of your gallery wall by using the same kind of frame. With unframed prints, you can opt for custom framing if you prefer to have your wall decor presented in this way. It’s also possible for you to choose to present all of your gallery wall pieces in an unframed style for a more casual effect.

Our unframed posters and prints collection includes a variety of typographical art, making it a great place to look if you’re a big fan of graphic design or modern font stylings. The collection also includes some artistic maps of specific cities, so if you take pride in where you live, you may find the perfect way to express it here. But you don’t need to live in any of the cities depicted in these art pieces to display and enjoy them. With modern color design and clean graphics, these map prints will look great displayed in houses and apartments in any corner of the globe. Thanks to the smaller size of these prints, you can make your nod to geography subtle and personal with smart placement in your home.

There are plenty of good reasons to opt for unframed art pieces as an alternative or complement to a collection of framed prints and photos. In giving you the ability to choose your method of display, our unframed posters and prints provide a lot of versatility, but they’re also a great value if you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to adorn your walls. If you want to seek out more great values for our awesome collection of decor, take a look at our wall decor sale section for an ever-changing selection of discounts on both framed and unframed art pieces.