Modern Wall Hangings

There are many different ways to approach decor in a modern house or apartment. While original artworks, wall sculptures, photographs and prints remain excellent options, many on-trend designers and decorators are turning to the textural pleasure and aesthetic beauty offered by modern wall hangings. From woven decor to hanging, two-dimensional sculptures, west elm’s wall hanging options provide you with a variety of different ways to embrace this home decor movement. Though our designs have a thoroughly modern design sensibility, some of them hearken back to centuries-old craft traditions, giving you the perfect way of balancing modern style with classic elements.

One of these old-meets-new items offered in this section are art quilts so beautiful that they’re perfect for display. Though they are warm enough to function as bedcoverings thanks to their lofty filling and 100 percent cotton construction, these quilts are stunning statements that you’ll want to show off. Made by the renowned Minneapolis-based quiltmaking team known as Louise Gray, these quilts use bold colorblocking and refined aesthetics to create true works of modern art that make a unique and cozy statement when used as wall art. As an added bonus, using thick wall hangings such as these may help block some noise from outside your home if you live in a bustling metropolis.

As works of art, these quilts deserve proper protection and careful hanging. We’ve got you covered there; our Louise Gray quilts can be paired with matching wooden quilt hangers, which attach securely to your walls and allow you to display the quilt as a hanging without puncturing, tearing or otherwise causing it damage. These handcrafted hangers use handsome hickory wood with a variety of different finish options to allow you the best-possible means of showcasing your quilt in a way that complements your existing decor.

Thanks to their texture and unique sense of geometry, our wall hangings can be considered a special type of dimensional art. These are, in a sense, wall sculptures made with materials that have been relegated to the realm of craft for many years. By embracing these traditional techniques and materials, you can showcase art’s power to transcend medium. While quilts can be thought of as purely functional items, they have a clear ability to communicate ideas about form as well. For added texture, pair a quilt with one of our woven wool and yarn wall hanging compositions or match a mixed-medium hanging sculpture with modern macrame.

Wall hangings can also match well with selections from our collection of art prints and photographs. However, if you have a restrained design approach that favors simplicity and tranquility, these wall hangings can look fantastic on their own. Opt for a small woven wall hanging to make a quiet whisper of an artistic statement, or cover a wall with a quilt to maximize decorative impact. The options in this section are highly versatile, and you can make the most of them by simply ensuring they are in a highly visible part of your home so you and anyone who visits can enjoy it.

From abstract geometric quilts in your living room to hanging sculptures in your bedroom, our collection of modern wall hangings is at once diverse and focused on a specific style of home decor that is very of the moment. If you long for unique embellishments for your living space, this section is bound to have something that allows you to make just the right kind of statement. As an added bonus, you can feel confident that you are embracing the resurgence of handmade goods and, as a result, supporting independent artists and craftspeople.