Modern Wallpaper & Wall Paneling

When it comes to making a thorough decorative statement, it’s hard to beat the efficiency and style of wallpaper. Whether presented on its own or combined with other types of wall decor, wallpaper is a fashionable way to transform a room and turn plain walls into something amazing. west elm’s modern wallpaper and wall paneling can help you completely redo a room with just a few steps. Even if you live in a rental house or apartment, we have removable wallpaper options that can satisfy your desires without causing damage to the property.

With options ranging from wood paneling to botanical prints and erasable chalkboard panels, our selections in this product category provide you with multiple different ways to cover your walls in style. In addition to stylish and decorative patterned wallpaper options, we offer some large-scale wall art in the form of murals, which allow you to create a dramatic statement wall with graphic impact that a simple solid-colored wall can’t quite achieve. We have both removable and traditional permanent glue wallpaper options for you to consider in addition to the variety of styles on offer. No matter which style and wallpaper or panel type you select in this category, you’ll be able to install it yourself thanks to our high-quality adhesives and clear installation instructions.

From panels to murals and wallpaper sheets, the options are highly customizable and can enhance existing decor. For example, if you have a gallery wall in place in your living room, you can simply take the current arrangement down, put up your new wall covering and re-hang the art in its previous layout. These large-scale wallcoverings can also be a way of refreshing your decor and providing something new to look at. If you’re the kind of person who likes to change things up frequently, our removable wallpaper may be the perfect match for you as it will allow you to remove the wallpaper easily and start fresh without having to do a lot of labor to get out with the old and in with the new.

Our modern wallpaper and wall paneling options are perfect for any room in your house. Add some subtle pattern to your bedroom, or use our real or faux wood paneling options to create a modern twist on the classic mid-century paneled den in your living room. Bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways, entryways and even outdoor spaces can all get a nice style boost from these wallcoverings. Once you decide on the room you want to cover with wallpaper or panels, measure the dimensions so you can be sure to purchase the right amount of rolls or panels. If you aren’t sure whether you want to cover the entire room in the same pattern, you can start by purchasing enough rolls to cover a single wall and then come back and buy more.

Modern wallpaper and wall panels can work as well in small spaces as they do in grand rooms, though you may want to consider factors such as pattern scale if you have a particularly small space. Small, intricate patterns may feel a bit busy in a small room, but you can use your creativity to find a way to incorporate a particularly desirable pattern into your space. Ultimately, the wall coverings you choose should be authentic to you and reflect your style priorities.

Once you pick out your wallpaper or wall panels, you may want to spend some time thinking about accessories you can include in the room, such as wall shelves or hooks that you can install over the paper or panels. Our modern wallpaper and wall panels look fantastic with a range of wall decor options, so you can pick and choose the elements that work best for the style you want to achieve.