All West Elm Collection

Fill your home with elements from our west elm Collection. Featuring high quality craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics and unique designs, these exceptional pieces transform any space into inspired surroundings. With exaggerated sizes and shapes, the furniture items are bolder yet blend in with your existing decor. Make a statement as you mix and match pieces from all collections.

The focal point of your living room is undoubtedly your sofa, so blend comfort and style for that inviting look. Go for a unique boomerang shape with soft rounded edges, an angular design with geometric tufting or an elegant low-profile settee with a wraparound frame that has an elegantly rounded back. For a modern look, a hand-welded iron frame gives an architectural feel while a slim profile sofa with metal legs and upholstered seating cleverly combines a traditional design with a modern edge. A sectional design allows for placement in the corner of a room or the inclusion of a chaise lounge. Additional seating is provided in the form of a glamorous lounge chair, swivel wingback chair or hand-upholstered leather bench.

Dine around a richly-colored walnut table set on a sculptured metal base, or match your contemporary decor with a sleek white table that has an intersecting brass metal and wood geometric base and an inset glass top. When unexpected guests turn up, a solid oak expandable table lets you cater for an enjoyable and impromptu dinner party. A buffet keeps all your table linens, dishware, flatware and serveware conveniently stored in one place. Choose from richly stained oak paired with black marble and brass accents, sanded oak planks, multidimensional door fronts made from harvested oak logs or an intricately patterned, dappled wood surface. Help yourself to a drink from the stylish bar cabinet, which features a mirrored backdrop that frames the beautiful interior.

Sink into a luxurious king size bed with linen blend upholstery and a wood plinth base. The deep channel tufting of the headboard is striking, and an extended version has a more artistic appeal. A platform bed with a cool blue-gray finish complements minimalist surroundings while a European oak canopy bed exudes affluent charm. Choose a matching nightstand and dresser for more aesthetic appeal. Drawer fronts with a copper finish, industrial-inspired metal casing, geometric textures, onyx drawer pulls and silver-leafed drawers are stunning design features that make your bedroom a welcome space.

It’s not just furniture that makes a room; lighting gives it character too. A chandelier is an opulent choice for an entryway or spacious room where its ornate design catches everyone’s eyes. For the dining area, a low hung collection of glass orbs provides an intimate feel to the setting. For a touch of fun in a conservatory or living room, add a splash of color with different colored orbs and hang pendants at different heights for artistic flair. Shed extra light on your book as you read in an armchair with an arching solid brass lamp, or add a warm glow to the room with a textured table lamp that has a hand carved ceramic base.

Bring all the elements of the room together with an original rug design. A handcrafted shag rug not only looks gorgeous but feels luxurious underfoot. A soft Persian rug adds warmth to a room and looks particularly attractive in a spacious room with marble or hardwood flooring. A round, patterned rug placed under the coffee table is a statement piece that grabs the eye.

Now the fundamental pieces are in place, it’s time to complete the look with original, artistic decorative items. Textured pillows made from velvet, silk and beaded raffia provide interest and color. Carefully placed mirrors make your room appear bigger, and shaped mirrors are artwork in themselves. Transform your walls with mural wallpaper and adorn your shelves with hand blown glass vases that have a lustrous shine. A one-off sculpture carved from marble or that’s cast in iron is sure to make your incredible home the talking point among your friends and family.