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When walking into a bedroom, the first thing your eyes generally notice is the bed. And that’s a good thing. Your bed is the central piece in the space. More than just a place to sleep, it sets the design tone for the entire room. It also makes decorating a lot easier. Basically, start with the bed and everything else just kind of falls into place. And if you already have a style you like and just want to add a bit of extra excitement? Picking out a gorgeous bed that thrills you gives the space a major rush of adrenaline. At west elm, our distinctive bed collection helps you make your dream bedroom a reality. Check out some great ideas for inspiration. When you find something you love, feel free to customize to your heart’s content. That way the bedroom feels personal and welcoming.

Step one, decide what kind of ambience you’re looking for. Do you want your bedroom to seem mysterious, contemplative, traditional or chic? How can you know what’s right for you? Well, there are a couple of factors that usually influence your style. For one thing, trust your gut. If you notice a design somewhere – looking at photos, watching a movie or visiting a friend’s house – that you absolutely love, go with it. Try to figure out what you love most about it, and take it to the next level. Maybe it’s the vintage headboard, or an exotic canopy. Another thing that affects your decor preferences are your personality. If you’re naturally artistic, chances are you’re drawn to furniture – and feel more comfortable around it – that’s a little bit different.

What’s the best location for the bed in your bedroom? Many interior designers offer contrasting opinions based on lighting, door location, types of windows and overall shape and size of the room. So bottom line? It’s totally up to you. Try to have some fun playing around with different layouts in your mind or perhaps using a computer program to visualize the general flow of the room. One possibility is to center the bed on the main wall, the one across from the entrance to the space. That way the bed – and the room vignette – are always the first thing you see.

Each kind of bed accentuates different qualities. Here are some of the most common materials and what they do for your room. An upholstered headboard or platform bed is a way to give the space elegance and a modern feel at the same time. If you’re looking for a vintage 1920s ambience, this is probably the way to go. Tufted headboards take you back in time to an era of fine wine, romance and luxury. Because of its gorgeous fabric, the headboard is usually the main accent piece in the room. So look for ways to make it stand out even more. Golden sconces on each side, or dark wood nightstands with matching table lamps harness the power of light and really make the bed’s contours pop.

An extended headboard has the same effect but doubled. It really draws attention to the bed and the accent wall of your choosing. In an alcove, an extended headboard can effectively occupy the bottom half of the entire wall, creating an especially relaxing and elegant atmosphere. Neutral tones are a good choice to make sure the bedroom still feels spacious. Keep things bright with gray or white side tables or a pair of tall floor lamps.

Looking for something exceptionally sophisticated? A bed with a metallic frame – especially with gold tones – does the trick. Accessorize with a rich wood dresser or console table, a brilliant mirror, and a lustrous chandelier in the center of the room. Layer on the luxury with an intricate Persian rug at the foot of the bed.

A wood platform bed can either be rustic and warm, or cool and artistic. It depends on the contours. Sharp lines and smooth wood definitely has a chic Parisian feel. Take your creative flair even further by showcasing a large piece of artwork on the accent wall above the bed.