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A dining room is one of the most emotionally refreshing spots in your home. Why? For one thing, it’s designed around human connection. There’s something very soothing about gathering around the table for a tasty meal with loved ones. You share a lot more than just food; it’s a wonderful opportunity to laugh, smile and talk. It cements friendships and takes away tons of stress. The dining room is also a great place to just stop and smell the roses. It might be sipping a cup of coffee and staring at your garden, or catching up on a favorite novel. How can you turn your dining room into a haven dedicated to good times and good food? At west elm, our dining room collections are a big help in creating the ambience you’re looking for. Here are a few awesome ideas.

First of all, it’s important to keep in mind that every home is different. So there aren’t any rules when it comes to what a dining room should be. Some houses and apartments have a dedicated space perfect for a rectangular table and chairs, while others use an open-concept layout that gives you tons of creative freedom. So you basically have carte blanche in deciding where you want to have your dining space, and what it should look like. That goes for everything from furniture to lighting and decor.

For an informal and refreshing spot to enjoy a bowl of cereal while your read the news, create a breakfast nook. This works especially well in open-concept designs, since you’re able to put the table virtually anywhere you want. Take advantage of a corner to place a comfy bench and a couple of chairs around the table. Another spectacular option is to use a round table with three or four chairs. Try to position a breakfast nook near a picture window or bay window if possible to let as much natural light into your tranquil space as possible.

Does your apartment have a balcony? Enjoy a glass of fresh juice while watching the sun come up. Place a pair of stylish chairs facing outwards to share the view. Use an accent table or a bistro table to hold your drink as you contemplate the beauty. The best part is that this intimate spot is also perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Another way to meld indoor and outdoor spaces is to place a dining table near double doors that connect with the patio. Whenever you want to feel the fresh breeze, you can swing the doors open and enjoy blue skies without leaving the house. Pick a table with wood tones and a modern touch to accentuate this natural ambience.

Remember that it’s not necessary to choose a matching table and chairs – or even all matching chairs for that matter. One way to include an artistic vibe in the room is to create a design with several different layers. The table is the centerpiece. Four to six chairs in neutral tones on the sides complement it. Then, like the cherry on top, pick out different chairs in bright accent colors for the ends. The effect is very striking, and even more so with a rectangular light fixture overhead.

Looking for a chic arrangement? Focus on sharp lines and bold contrasts like black and white. Upholstered chairs with a dark metal base stand out anywhere. For something even more artistic, decorate with a globe chandelier with lustrous metal highlights. Keep things simple but fabulous with three-dimensional wall art. A buffet table also provides a spot for a pair of sleek vases to frame a painting.

Retro dining rooms place a lot of emphasis on color and geometric shapes. They’re a perfect place for round tables and curved or triangular seating. With the rest of the decor, follow the overall contours of the table and chair collection. For example, curved contours match pendant lighting with glass spheres – perhaps with intense color such as red and yellow – at different heights. Look for bowls or other round adornments. Multifaceted seating pairs well with lamps or abstract art that have similar angles.