Lighting Collections

Lighting does a ton for any room of the home. For one thing, it has the power to change the way you feel. Soft lighting helps you relax, while bright illumination wakes you up and puts a spring in your step. Light fixtures also enhance the rest of your decor. They direct attention to your favorite pieces and make them look even more stunning. At west elm, we cover all the bases with chic lighting collections for modern, traditional and eclectic styles. Not sure what you’re looking for? Not a problem. Check out some helpful tips and discover light fixtures to fall in love with.

There are a lot of places to start when picking out lighting. Some people begin by looking at the room’s existing decor. It’s probable that furniture like a sofa or sectional are the principal pieces in the space. Or maybe you have a gorgeous painting or a fireplace where you want guests to look. Once you know what to make stand out, it’s easier to find fixtures that shine a light on them.

Another good question to ask yourself is what you use your room for. Do you like entertaining lots of friends? Or are you more the get home from work, kick off your shoes and watch TV type of person? A living room designed for hosting parties usually has more lighting than one for lounging. That’s because you want guests to feel comfortable wherever they wander. Illuminating the whole room is a good way to do it. For relaxing, it’s OK to have some shadows in the corners since it makes a space feel cozy.

What possibilities does each kind of light fixture – such as floor and table lamps, pendants, chandeliers and sconces – offer? Here are some ideas. Table lamps and wall sconces are very versatile. They can offer ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting in the same package. With lamps and sconces, it’s all about placement. For mellow indirect illumination, use a pair of nightstands in the bedroom. Or place two on a console table in the living room or entryway. Why two? Well, having one on each end of rectangular furniture – or against an accent wall – creates balance and draws attention to whatever’s in the center. It might be a stunning bed, a beautiful piece of art or a carefully-designed vignette.

Floor lamps are great at filling in the blanks. Anywhere you want to make shadows disappear, place a floor lamp and they’re gone. That’s why they’re popular light fixtures for the rear edge of a large sectional or in the corners of a room. Floor lamps are extremely modern and fit wonderfully into art-themed decor. They also handle task lighting next to an armchair or any place you like to read.

What’s the difference between pendants and flushmounts? Both spend their time near the ceiling but offer a distinctive take on ambient lighting. Flushmounts are usually more diffuse, spreading light all around the room without really focusing on any one spot. Pendants also scatter light, but they tend to get in on the action a little more. Where do pendants really shine? Well, two amazing places for them is above a kitchen island or over the dining room table. They get noticed, and encompass just the right area for breathtaking elegance. However, feel free to get creative and put one wherever you want a fixture that stands out and delivers a large cone of illumination at the same time. An entryway or bedroom work well as long as your ceiling height allows.

Chandeliers are to pendants what the Louvre is to art museums. Both are elegant and stylish, but chandeliers are usually more luxurious and extravagant. They come in many different flavors, but all are guaranteed to turn heads. Are they limited to the dining table? Definitely not, though they do look amazing there. Put a chandelier anywhere you want to add tons of sophistication. Create a vintage bathroom with a circular chandelier and an elegant mirror with metallic contours. Or wow guests from the moment they enter your home with a crystal chandelier in the entryway and a lavishly-decorated console table.