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Your living room says a lot about you. And that’s a good thing. After all, it’s probably the place where you and your family spend most of your time at home. And it’s also a main spot for entertaining guests. So it’s good to leave your personal touch on the space. The idea is to impress visitors and express yourself to the max. Think of your living room design layout like plating an exquisite meal. Each element looks fantastic on its own, but it’s your way of serving them together that makes the dish really pop. In a living room, everything from the backdrop to your furniture has a place. How can you turn the space into an unforgettable feast for the eyes? Check out our living room collections at west elm for tons of possibilities designed to inspire your inner interior decorator.

Some people like to decide what kind of theme or ambience they’re going for. That helps you find furniture that fits. Of course, it’s also OK to just look at different pieces until something jumps out at you. After all, you know what you love, and it’s your space to customize. What are some ways to design a particular vibe? Well, if you want something rustic, focus on warm tones and lots of wood if possible. Red, yellow, orange and browns are inviting and relaxing. If you prefer the sleek look of a Milan fashion show, go with lots of white elements and then add some bold and colorful accents to stand out. Keep things as bright as possible with glass, metal and a mirror or two.

It’s also important to take into account the size of your living room. It doesn’t limit you; it just helps you create a custom design where everything offers maximum visual impact. Want some secrets to make a smaller living room look amazing? One tip is to go with an all neutral color theme. Soft shades of white, gray and taupe create a spacious feel. You can use anything with warm or cool undertones too, like an ivory with hints of gold, or a smooth rose. An added benefit to this kind of layout is that it’s very relaxing. Natural lighting is very desirable, and so is indirect lighting. Mirrors give the illusion of extra room and also reflect even more light.

How much room should you leave around furniture? If possible, 3 feet behind a sofa or sectional lets guests walk around freely. It’s common to leave 18 inches between seating and a coffee table arrangement. There are tons of ways to position furniture, no matter what size your room is. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Take advantage of vertical space to decorate to your heart’s content. Narrow and tall bookcases offer lots of design possibilities without taking up floor area. Wall art and accent wall shelves are also your friends. A pendant or chandelier overhead is stunning in any living room.

What about open concept layouts? How can you take advantage of tons of room without making the living room feel too spread out? Create individual areas arranged beautifully around the space. For example, two facing sofas and a coffee table make a nice spot for conversing with friends over a cup of coffee. An 8'x10' rug underneath marks an invisible boundary that draws attention to each furniture grouping. Over by your media center or fireplace, a large sectional with a view is perfect for stretching out when you’re alone or sharing popcorn and snacks during a Super Bowl party. Place a console table behind the sectional to hold drinks or decor.

Remember to think outside the box. There are no hard-and-fast rules for a dream living room. It all depends on the way it makes you feel. Want to use a striking colors like tangerine or lime green? Go for it. Accent pieces like that bring spaces to life. And no one said sofas or sectionals – or even coffee tables, for that matter – have to be rectangular. Express your artistic flair with a curved sofa and round side tables. Above all, show off your personality.