Pillows and Throws Collections

Get creative and cozy up all your seating areas with our pillow covers and inserts from west elm. First, decide if you want a monochromatic sofa look to your seating, where the upholstery and pillows are all the same color and fabric style. You may prefer a plain-colored sofa laden with bright, colorful pillows instead. Either way, you’ll find pillows that suit luxurious or clean-lined settings. Rich, deep blues and multicolored embroidered pillow covers stand alone in their beauty, or combine them with subdued or sparkly pillow covers for more interest.

Beaded and textured pillows add depth to seating arrangements and enhance plain side chairs while adding nice cushioning for guests. Mix and match colors and patterns of pillow covers and throws with chairs to enhance room accents and chair upholstery colors. Fuzzy throws look great across the arms of boxy chairs while nubby neutral pillows work great tucked in the arms of smooth leather wing chairs. Use brightly colored pillow covers in recliners for extra back support and room decor. Deeply dyed velvet and silk pillows make stunning statements when propped in sand-colored or gray chairs.

The bedroom is one of the best places to have plenty of pillows on hand. Choose pillow cover designs that enhance or contrast with the patterns and shapes on your headboard or bedding. Having a half-dozen assorted size pillows on the bed gives it a resort-style look and makes it a cozy place to sit or nap during the day, even when the bed is nicely made. Daybeds and guest beds should be supplied with plenty of pillows too. The daybed almost becomes a couch when you place it against a wall and add lots of pillows for relaxing. The guest bed becomes more welcoming and soothing when there’s a pile of pillows to help guests read their laptops and books in bed.

Remember your comfort and need for decor in the home office too. Every working office chair needs a pillow or two for those long work days and nights busy at the desk. A beaded or textured pillow gives you something to do with your hands as you’re solving pressing problems. Office pillows also come in handy for impromptu naps, propping your feet up on the desk and giving some support to the back. Choose pillows that inspire and energize you for the home office, like pillows with geometric patterns, glittering sequins and fluffy tassels.

Dress up the bench in the entryway or hall with a new pillow cover or two. Silk wool pillow covers are beautiful and durable, so they stand up to lots of shoe changing and purse tossing on the bench. Use bright yellow, gold and white pillows to make the bench stand out or choose pillows in similar colors as benches for a more seamless look to the furnishings. Some benches double as tables used low to the ground for meals and social gatherings. If you use your bench this way, make sure to order enough floor pillows and throws to provide cushy seating around the bench.

Use pillows to accent bedroom benches used at the foot of your bed or in your dressing area. Use pillows that coordinate with pillows on your bed or make an entirely new theme for the bench itself. Bedroom benches that double as storage ottomans make suitable places to store extra pillows and pillow covers so you can change up the pillow looks whenever you like. Bedroom benches and entryway benches look wonderful when draped with throws and pillows that accent each other. In the cooler months, the throws and pillows come in handy providing comfort to guests and household members.