Collection Rugs

Bring warmth and comfort along with art into any room by including a rug. Choosing the best rug for a space is easy with our collection rugs at west elm. We’ve gathered them from around the world. Use a rug to complete any room by tying in all furniture and colors. Create a dashing display by setting a bright rug in the midst of low-key colors. Give a soft feeling to all bare feet that travel the floors of your house. Whatever the feeling and look you wish to accomplish you can create it with a rug so that anyone walking across your floors will be dazzled and comfortable.

You and your rug can be the master at dealing with traffic whether it comes from many feet or paws, such as the place beneath the coffee table where many comings and goings happen. Choose darker colors that won’t show stains and dirt. If dark colors are not an option, choose a color rug instead of a plain white rug. Consider choosing a wool rug rather than a synthetic one. Wool rugs are slow to show traffic wear and are easy to clean.

Form a rich and layered room by adding different textures. Pairing the right rug can increase this effect easily. Look at the furniture of the room and try targeting for contrast. Contrast a sleek leather sofa with a fluffy long piled rug. Adding on soft throws and pillows is a second texture addition. However, remember the contrast. So, for every soft and cushy thing, add in a sleek and sparse adornment. On the opposite side, try pairing a smooth short pile rug with a soft fabric sofa. Adding multiple rugs on top of each other will also increase texture.

Use rugs for added beauty and decorum in transitional places. For pairing with a door, choose a rug that the width either matches the door space or is slightly shorter. Length should be balanced with even space on each end. If placing furniture in a hall, such as a table, shorten the width of the rug and don’t allow the furniture to rest on the rug. Make sure the door can swing over the rug easily to avoid unpleasant entanglements. Choose a rug that has a very low pile or flat weave to prevent snagging and to facilitate easy cleaning. Keep cleaning a breeze by also picking a rug that is easy to carry. Secure the rug to the floor properly to prevent bunching or tripping.

Consider the rug as a large piece of furniture. Decide whether you want it to take center stage or softly tie in the main cast. To turn your rug into the star, have the rug supplying the main color for the room, or simply consider a bright pattern. Placing the rug off center will also do the trick. Instead of placing the rug squarely under part of the bed situate it at an angle. Try a round rug under only one bed foot and pulled extremely in one direction. Use a rug with a look that blends with existing colors for a subtle look.

For an office or desk space consider the area to be covered. The desk and chair should both fit completely on top of the rug. Use the rug to create a separate comfortable nook that will facilitate a pleasant working environment whether it is in a corner or in a complete room. Pick a large enough rug that the chair can be pushed in and out without ever coming off the rug. A smoother rug might also help this along with securely fastening the rug.

Heighten the feeling and tone of the room with a rug. Light and happy colors can make a room feel larger. Bring in more of a calming touch with cool colors. Bright-colored rugs under a dining table can make a bold statement, and changing to patterns can create feelings that are more formal and serene. It is also a lovely way of bringing all colors in the room together.