Vases and Decor Collections

Add form and texture to your coffee and end tables with vases and decor offered in sleek oblong, geometric or curvy collections. The vases and decor we offer at west elm are created in colors like luminescent whites or rich, shimmering metallic finishes to bring a glow to your living and socializing spaces. Use the concentrated artistic energy of sculptures made from marble and other timeless materials to anchor a dim entryway table. Make a bold, fresh statement on an office table with a brass, bronze or petrified wood object.

Arrange art objects with our modern table lamps to enjoy room design with presence. Use a set of glass candleholders with a glass lamp for an ethereal look, or join a set of reactive finish ceramic vases with a sleek metal lamp for more interest and illumination in a dim dining or dressing area. Extend the influence of a unique decor item by repeating it in the room. For example, accent a globe-shaped object by placing a similarly styled lamp within the room or the adjacent space. This designer trick of using items from our vases and decor collections is an effective way to help rooms feel more refreshing and cohesive.

If you use vases for actual cut flowers and greenery, add a few decorative trays to your tabletop displays. Artistic trays and catchalls add interest of their own and enhance furnishings when displayed with vases and sculptural pieces. Catchalls also offer convenient yet elegant service holding house keys and other small necessities. Lacquered, enameled and acrylic trays catch drips from candles and loose leaves from blooms to protect table finishes. Use a mirrored tray to hold and reflect a trio of unique vases or set up a mirrored tray to surround one lone, gorgeous candle for a minimalist effect.

Order our high-quality scented candles and diffusers to add both gentle illumination and inspiring fragrances to entertainment and leisure areas. Our long-burning candles are practical items to give as gifts and have on hand for the occasional power outage. Choose from no-nonsense soy candles for the kitchen to highly decorative scented candles for your bath. If kids or pets are in the house, use flameless candles that flicker and shine like the real deal. They work well with our decor and vases, and won’t drip wax anywhere.

A great trick to help you choose vase and decor colors is using another room furnishing, like a decorative pillow or a piece of wall art, to find your inspiration. Order one of our pillow covers that speaks to your room goals. Now, use one or more features of the pillow cover design to choose decor items. Select a tapered vase in one of the pillow’s accent colors. Pick a pyramid sculpture to mirror a triangle shape in the pillow cover stitching. If you’re going for a monochromatic look to rooms, choose decor items that pick up the neutral tones in the artwork. Use vases in a similar hue as tables and seating. Use the black and white decorative items available for our vases and decor collections for a vintage or modern look.

It’s easy to design your interior spaces with visual appeal in mind. All it takes to turn a boring spot in your home into a sophisticated display is the right sculptural piece that mirrors or contrasts with other shapes and colors in the room. Use other items like natural woven place mats, table runners and sconce wall lighting to enhance the look of pieces from our vases and decor collections. Use window sills and kitchen counters to display flowers from the garden. Accent bookcases and wall shelving artfully with geometric sculptures and wooden shapes. Bring beauty and form into your life with the specially selected pieces in our vases and decor collections.