Wall Decor Collections

Contemporary wall decor, like an asymmetrical mirror or a grouping of pill shaped mirrors add some depth to a room and a lot of character. Canvas artwork or framed prints hung in a gallery style create an artsy, almost museum vibe. Our wall decor collection at west elm steps out of the box for eccentric designs. Hang a mirror over one of our funky consoles in a hallway or foyer. This gives you the opportunity to glance one more time in the mirror to make sure everything is in place before you head out the door.

Place a round, rectangular or mirrored tray on the console to hold keys, a comb and some lip balm. Colorful trays can brighten the space while keeping last minute necessities right where you need them. You will be glad you did this on those hectic Monday mornings whether you have to get the kids off to school or yourself off to work.

To keep yourself running on time, hang a wall clock where you are most likely to see it. Our wall clocks are not your typical clocks by any means. Try one made of delicately-detailed ribbonwood, a cage wall clock or another with numbers written numerically and spelled out alternatively for a very cool design. Well, you might as well get a couple to hang in the house. They are basically functional artwork all by themselves.

Other wall decor selections include wallpaper designs of mica, wood panels, metallic and cork. The textured wallpaper is truly distinctive wall decor. Your guests will want to reach out and touch it. And that’s okay because the wallpaper is durable. No doubt the textured wallpaper serves as backdrop for dimensional artwork that is in line with the modern motif. Papier-mâché, macramé and wood hangings are some of the exceptional artwork options, and they can take center stage. Or you might like recycled metal in a loop shape or overlapping patterns. Your home is going to stand out and certainly make a decorative statement with wall art like this.

Framed prints and 3-D shapes certainly complement textured wallpaper. Tile art and abstract weather prints could work well with the wallpaper designs. There is such a keen selection of wall decor, you will find something for every room in your house to keep the same theme throughout, but also with varying art designs. It will never be boring. You might want to experiment with a few pieces and see what works best. Showcase a few of your favorites first. Then add to the wall decor collections as you continue your interior design and your creativity. Without diluting your favorites, you can accessorize with other pieces.

Mid-century wall art boasts subtle ink designs and soft pastels, as well as bright, bold paintings that pop. A myriad of shapes and vivid lines will be a conversation piece for your guests. You may not ever want to leave this masterpiece of a home you’ve created.

In case your guests want to sit and study some of the artwork when they are visiting, you can place a pouf just about anywhere in the house. Although they are comfortable to sit on, they can double as a small table and jazz up wherever they are placed. Mongolian fur poufs come in assorted colors, or you could choose a patterned one with diamond shapes or classic cowhide or distressed velvet. Poufs are similar to bean bag chairs, but are smaller and ideal for small spaces. For larger areas, place a couple of them together. While they might not be classified as actual artwork themselves, they do make an artful presentation and fit nicely with your decor.