Humans have been fascinated with metal since the dawn of civilization. It’s strong, elegant and sleek. From silver, gold or steel, metal has always been a little bit luxurious and romantic too. Those qualities make it a great choice for interior design. At west elm, we love to innovate with this versatile material. One way to infuse your home with personality and flair is with a metal console table. It pairs well with industrial and vintage room layouts. Why is a console table important? For one thing, it’s practical. Console tables usually have surface space, drawers and a bottom shelf. That’s a lot of storage rolled into one package. Second, it’s an authentic decor machine. A metal console table stands out on its own as something distinctive and stylish. And above that, you can put additional design items like a chic lamp, a crystal vase with flowers, family photos or pieces of art. How can you make metal work for you? That depends on your design vision. To highlight an artistic feel in the room, choose pieces with geometric elements, like boxes, raised triangles or even hexagonal tables. If you prefer metallic sophistication, look for something that combines a metal frame – in black or gold tones – with glass or marble. Looking for industrial? That’s where a steel console table comes in. And if it has a concrete top, all the better. Where should you place your console table? Look for a spot where it causes the greatest impact. In the entryway, it’s the first thing people see when they walk in. Or if you usually entertain guests in the living room, make a bold statement there instead.