Tables bring life to any room. In the dining room, your table sets the mood for the rest of the space. And in the living room, a stylish coffee table does more than provide a spot for drinks; it’s a conversation piece that guests see right away when they sit down on the sofa. That’s why at west elm we offer pieces that are distinctive and expressive, making it easy to personalize your home. If you want to create a space that’s warm and inviting, a rustic iron table is a good choice. Furniture that combines elements of metal and reclaimed wood also pairs well with industrial decor. Iron gives your furniture that characteristic black metallic flair. It’s a little bit elegant, a little bit artistic and full of emotion. What should you look for when picking out rustic tables? Thick wood – the thicker the better – and natural tones are essential. They make the room feel relaxing. If you want your table to have a slight sheen, choose reclaimed wood that has been finished by hand – usually with a clear coat. You get the natural beauty of the wood grain, and also a bright surface. For a really down-to-earth country feel, pick a metal and wood table with rough edges and scratches. Every knot and twist tells a story that your home is a part of. Don’t feel forced to use the same tone or the same accent table throughout your living room. In nature, nothing is ever identical. So your space doesn’t need to be either. The important thing is to follow a similar design – furniture with the same style – around the house.