Give Your Space a Natural Touch With Small Planters

Small planters from west elm are the perfect item to lend a natural feel to any space in your home - from the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond. Make an entryway statement along the path to the front door, or hang a few planters from the ceiling in your living area. Whatever space you need to spruce up or that could use a little natural touch, a small planter from west elm will help. Read on for ideas on what you can do with these versatile pieces.

What Kinds of Small Planters Are Available?

West elm has lots of choices available for planters. From traditional short tabletop to sleek outdoor styles, you're sure to find something that suits your taste and space.

  • Try a sculpted earthenware beauty that rests on wood stands in dotted Dalmatian, painterly patterns, or a solid, geometric shaped planter in plain white.
  • Forgo the stands and opt for cubed black or ones shaped as llamas to add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise minimalistic space.

Where Can I Put a Small Planter?

Small planters can pretty much fit anywhere in or out of the home, whether you are space-challenged or need to fill that awkward gap.

  • If it's the former, consider something that doesn't sit on a table or wall, such as our paperclip planters. These earthenware pots fit snugly in metal holders and are suspended from the ceiling. Not only will you benefit from great use of space, but they can also play double duty as standalone art.
  • Look to your walls for another great spot for planters - the floating kind. These bright blue reactive-glazed ceramic gems will look stunning against a white wall and pair well with faux plants or the real deal.

If space isn't an issue, one of our storage cabinets, bookshelves, dressers, or stands from our extensive furniture collection are all great homes for tabletop planters. Choose one small planter or three of a kind and pair with a small botanical from our indoor botanical collection.

Whether you're looking to spruce up the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even the outdoor or indoor entryway, a small planter will help give the space an airy feel that is both welcoming and natural. Shop west elm's selection of small planters today to find the right piece - or pieces - for your home.