Steven Alan

Known for his subversive take on shirting, New York fashion designer Steven Alan brings the style and ease of his mens and womenswear designs to a handcrafted home collection, just for west elm. We introduced Steven to artisans in India, Nicaragua and Haiti, where he re-envisioned his signature style as bedding, vases and rugs for every room. "I wanted the collection to feel organic and modern at the same time, so I combined a color palette of earth tones with a clean design."

Steven and a weaver in India. "We were excited to make pieces in low-tech ways."

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Steven starts by picking out colors for his collection from a Pantone book.

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Once woven, panels are hand-stitched. Here, Steven inspects a finished dhurrie.

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"It's refreshing to find handcrafted items in a world of mass-production."

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Steven's bedding collection takes its cues from chambray shirt stripes.

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