Roar + Rabbit™

Philadelphia, PA


Designers Mitzie Wong and Wendy Wurtzburger of Philadelphia-based design firm Roar + Rabbit create pieces that balance modern style with whimsical details. We partnered with them to debut their very first home collection—and you can only get it here.

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Maker's Studio

Roar + Rabbit

Enjoy coming home each day to comfortable upholstered seating with an edgy look that’s a little retro in design plus a little modern at the same time. Admire your side tables that have an artistic boho-chic look. Wander through your home enjoying the sight of geometric mirrors and modern art on the walls done in delicate, classic colors that complement your other furnishings and add saucy flair to your walls. Incorporate a playful tone in your modern decor with the Roar + Rabbit collection at west elm. Pieces include living room and bedroom furniture as well as decorative wall hangings, lamps and treasures to put on dressers, stands and bookcase shelves.

Relax as you sink into the soft upholstered cushions of your Roar + Rabbit sofa and swivel chairs. These seating pieces feature beautifully matched smooth leather and pleated sections that turn them into conversation pieces instead of simple places to sit. The design elements also create an edgy look when combined with retro-chic brass spindle-style legs. The chairs are great for relaxing with a cozy blanket and a good book or enjoying a social event where you’re surrounded by friends. Because the chairs are designed to swivel smoothly, it’s easy to turn and chat with people who are seated on either side.

Add to the comfort and functionality of your living room by incorporating side tables and, if space allows, a coffee table where you’re able to spread out favorite magazines or a coffee table book, or even set up a display of delicately glowing candles or a tabletop terrarium for a pretty touch of greenery. Coffee and side tables from this collection feature geometric shapes and layers that add visual interest to the room. Place a side table by the sofa or a chair and top it off with a chunky lamp to add extra lighting beside your favorite reading spot.

Pieces from the Roar + Rabbit collection are ideal for the bedroom in your home too, with your choice of a bed with either upholstered or mango wood with geometric brass inlays in the headboard and foot board. Beds come in the traditional full, queen and king sizes, so your favorite sheets and blankets fit seamlessly. Duvet covers and pillow shams in textured, organic, printed, jacquard and sateen finishes are also offered as part of this collection to enhance the themed, cohesive look in your home. Spread a soft rug on the floor beside the bed so its warm plushness is the first thing your feet touch each morning as you start your day.

Keep your bedroom organized and store things neatly out of sight in bedside stands and dressers that match your Roar + Rabbit bed. These nightstands and dressers are finished with geometric designs and are perched on top of sturdy metal legs that provide a retro look while supporting the stands and dressers. Deep drawers slide smoothly when you need to open and close them to organize and store your things inside, and the dressers come in both wide horizontal styles and taller vertical designs. Choose one or choose a complete set depending on your available space and storage needs.

Finally, add a few beautiful decorative pieces to your bedroom to complete the look. Suspend a sparkling kinetic mobile where you’re able to see it from the bed for an almost hypnotic way to lull yourself to sleep. Display decorative trinket boxes on the dresser tops to store your personal items, like watches or grooming supplies. Then set chunky flowerpots with botanicals in them – or leave them empty to store your things and keep surfaces neat and organized – in corners and on dressers to add splashes of color around the bedroom.