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Every woman knows that an outfit isn’t just clothes thrown together randomly. For a truly stunning first impression, individual pieces and accessories have to come together in a way that is stylish and also expresses your sense of individuality. At west elm, they know that your home is no different. The furniture takes the mundane and transforms it into something extraordinary. Most importantly, a wide variety of options means that you truly put your personal touch on any space. Using prints and photographs lets you take customization to the next level. Whether your style is playful and chic, fully fashionable, classic or artistic, they have exactly what you need to infuse your house with vibrant colors and textures that work. Accessorize with a distinctive accent rug for a definite wow factor.
Comfortable sofas and sectionals are a must-have for any living room so that your family and friends will rush to kick back after a long day and enjoy their favorite entertainment. However, there's no reason to stop there. The trendy media consoles give you a place to show off your flat-screen TV, as well as vases, candles and other decorative objects that fit your home’s personality. Ottomans make great informal seating for board games or parties, and easily double as accent tables when not in use. Of course, the living room isn’t the only space that lets you treat yourself like a king or queen. From breathtaking beds and dressers in the bedroom to elegant tables, chairs and benches for your dining room, the list of ways to design your dream room is almost limitless. Even the home office can look better than ever with desks and shelving that are equal parts creative expression and practical storage.