Few things look as uninviting as a poorly decorated bedroom. Even if you aren’t rocking the bare mattress on the floor look, it’s important to get suitable support for one of the most-used pieces of furniture in the house. A solid bed frame can help elevate your bedroom decor and add an extra element of design sophistication to the room. west elm’s bed frames are handsome in design, and they display a certain minimalistic restraint that makes them perfect for any sleeping space, whether your taste tends toward clean lines or opulence.
Because our bed frames stand alone as their own pieces of furniture, you can use them alone or add a decorative headboard to complete the look. Available in materials, such as wood, metal and fabric, our bed frames are versatile and sturdy with a modern flair. They’re available in a variety of heights and sizes to suit your specific needs. If you like sleeping close to the floor, we’ve got you covered. If you prefer to be a bit higher up when you sleep, you won’t feel left out. We have options to suit you, too. Don’t forget to pair your amazing new bed with a top-quality mattress and some attractive, cozy bedding. Soon, you’ll be so comfortable in bed you won’t want to get up.