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Whether you live in the city or you currently rent an apartment or house that has limited room, you’ll want to take advantage of west elm’s small space solutions. Since a great deal of time is spent in the kitchen creating delicious meals and entertaining friends, the small kitchen tables are a great place to start. Both round and rectangular shapes are available, and you can even pick up a table with a drop leaf. This allows you to use the smaller version during your day-to-day activities and the longer version when hosting a little get together.

Moving on to the living room, you have the opportunity to shop from a selection of small coffee and side tables. Opt for a set of nesting tables that neatly fold underneath of each other when not in use, or go for the side table that opens up to store such items as coasters, reading glasses and television remotes. If you have room for a coffee table, stick with one that has a few drawers so you can keep a set of magazines or other reading material close by.

Stay in the living room and seek out a pull-out sofa instead of your more traditional seating. This is a great benefit to a small apartment for a few reasons. You’ll have room for a family member when they visit, or you can sleep on the sofa bed and use the home’s bedroom as an office. There are futon-type sofas, as well as couches that have a trundle bed underneath that can be set up in a matter of seconds for your weary guest. Of course, the regular sleeper sofas are also a great choice.

Now it’s time to take a look around the home to see where you can add some small space storage. Our collection of bookcases come in handy in a living room, office or bedroom. There are tall units for spaces that aren’t very wide, as well as short longer pieces that can be placed at the end of your bed. A few of the models are tiered, which allows for storing both short and tall books, and others are enclosed like a cabinet. The bookshelves come in lacquer, bleached pine and even blackened metal.

Should your bedroom not have enough closet space, you’ll want to check out the under bed storage and drawers. A storage platform bed frame has multiple drawers that slide out easily to reveal your favorite sweaters and comfortable jeans. If you already have a frame, you can opt to go with a few weaved storage baskets instead. These are great for holding socks, photo albums and extra linens. Some of the under bed bins also have a lid, which is handy if you have a cat that links to climb into the bins, or you simply desire extra protection for the items you’d like to store dust free.

Finish your quest to store as many items as possible in your tiny house by utilizing our small office storage products. We have a line of mini desks that not only have enough space for you to set up a laptop, but also contain a drawer for placing your pens, paper clips and note pads. If you’re searching for something with a little more style, you’ll love the industrial, modern and mid-century wall desks that offer shelving in addition to the drawer and desk space. This allows you to take advantage of the room’s height. Use the shelves for your printer ink cartridges, resource materials or even to neatly organize your work files.