Upholstery Fabric Pillow Covers

When it is time for a change, throw pillows are an inexpensive and efficient way to make an instant makeover, transforming any living space by introducing vibrant colors, soothing hues, bold patterns and distinct textures. The upholstery fabric pillow covers from west elm make it easy to get the look you want, creating a sense of harmony, or making a focal point for your living space. Traditionally, homeowners use pillows in pairs; but using an odd number of pillows, or introducing some different shapes avoids making a room feel too regimented and organized, especially in conjunction with configurable furniture such as sectional sofas. Limiting the number of pillows, keeping them large and bright, is a good way to stop the room feeling cluttered, and also allows for statement pillows that create brilliant contrasts with the surroundings.
Playing with different color options is a quick way to experiment with new looks, or to mix up the decor for a revitalized room. When working with light gray, white and cream sofas, it is tempting to add some colorful combinations for visual flair; however, geometric patterns and harmonious, muted color schemes are another way to create a thoughtful and inviting seating environment. Additionally, consider how the pillows all around the room work together to create a unified style. While the pillows on the sofa do not have to match a pillow on the occasional chair by the window, using the same size or tone brings a sense of balance. With clever use of fabrics, textures and optical designs, it is possible to use your pillows to tie together the various elements of a room for an attractive finish.