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Rugs + Windows

Small touches mean a lot in finishing up a room. Rugs and curtains can help pull a space together and accent the overall room. At west elm, we offer a wide variety of curtains and rugs in a number of designs to give your rooms that polished design you’re looking for.
Rugs help to define the space in a large room. Create an intimate seating area by a fireplace with a solid rug that highlights the colors on the cozy chairs. Distinguish between lounging and eating areas in the same room with different colored rugs. In a room with monochrome furniture, use a patterned rug to add some color to the space. Moroccan rugs feature intricate patterns and come in multiple sizes that make them great for large and small spaces.
Accent a large feature window with dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtains in a bold color or pattern that captures attention as soon as guests enter the room. Use sheer curtains to gently diffuse light from a window that catches the afternoon sun or blackout panels in a bedroom to keep it dark on sunny mornings. Fabrics like velvet have vintage appeal, while Roman shades complement a contemporary design.
Use window hardware to accent curtains and drapes. Curtain rods in metal finishes sparkle when the sun catches on them, while metallic and glass sphere finials provide a decorative touch at the end of wooden rods. For an unusual take on curtain hangers, choose rectangular curtain rings with clips on the end that make it easy to switch out curtains with the seasons. Accent every room in the house with little touches that go a long way.