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Complete your outfit or organize any room in your home with our totes and pouches that pack style and functionality. At west elm, we understand fashion, and our totes are designed to carry all of your important gear while staying on trend and looking put together. Use our pouches to store pocket mirrors for touch-ups on the go or use it to store makeup so you can get ready at your vanity and mirror like the movie star you are. Our pouches come in a variety of sizes so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Getting ready in the morning is a breeze when you know exactly where to find everything you need. Our totes can be used to store everything from clutches and side bags to hairdryers and curling irons. Accessorize your outfit with a vibrant colored tote that will make you the center of attention or add a subtle pop of sophistication with small patterns and muted colors. You can even use our pouches and totes to store all of your other accessories so you can get out the door in a hurry. Use a small pouch to store earrings, a medium pouch for bangles or tuck a jewelry storage case into your tote to keep things organized.

Our totes function as stylish accessories and are functional enough to be used at the beach or in the office. Store your beach towels and head off for a fun day in the sun or get ready for a productive day at work by using a tote to store your electronics and accessories. Our totes are large enough to fit your laptop making them an ideal choice for the office, in the classroom or studying at the library with friends. Take your music on the go with electronic speakers that you can use to pump tunes at the beach or in the park.

Make your tote all about you and express your personality with a monogrammed tote. Choose from traditional fonts or bold lettering to suit your style. Our canvas tote bags add a natural feel and pair well with a variety of outfits. You can even use our shopper totes to make trips to the grocery store. Our totes keep your wallet and cellphone safe with an inside pocket so you can take it anywhere and display your initials and personality for everyone to see.

When you aren’t using your tote, you can use it to leave your mark and as a decor item by draping it over hooks and racks. Add hooks by the front door or in your entryway so you can grab your bag easily and head out the door. The vibrant prints and geometric designs add a pop of color and style to walls. Opt for multihook racks, so you can store several totes or hang your favorite jacket right beside your favorite bag. Choose hooks that complement the color of your tote or add contemporary styling with galvanized metal, cast-iron and hammered copper hooks.

Our totes are ideal as gifts for a special someone or your friends. The canvas construction makes them lightweight yet durable, which means they are ideal for everyday use and traveling as well. Take it with you on a plane as a carry-on bag and use it to store travel essentials like water bottles, moisturizer, books, magazines and passport. The pouches are also suitable for separating individual items, such as pens and coloring pencils so that you can stay entertained or entertain your children during the flight. Pair our canvas bags with leather tote bags for an elegant look that fits right in on business trips with the boss and your colleagues.

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