Transform Your Space with Room Dividers

The creative control to define your space as you see fit blossoms when you bring home modern room dividers. Built to allow you to maintain whatever sense of proportion you choose, your dividers can definitely serve a dual purpose. Choose a high bookcase with staggered openings and interesting edges. Find modular mixes that combine media consoles with towers. Explore what you can do with hutches and a fine expanse of wallpaper to make a designated part of your home seem like a room in and of itself. With select, upscale furnishings and a willingness to play with space, you can use your room dividers to make your home feel even more grand than it already is.

What Are Room Dividers?

Room dividers are pieces of furniture or decor used to split up a larger space. In some homes, they're used to divide an open floor plan. In others, they build rooms out of a studio or other compact home area.

  • Some room dividers are tall. This helps mirror the feeling of a wall, only breezier, because your divider is easily movable and often includes negative space or openings as part of its design. Check out bookshelves or large screens if you like this style.
  • In a compact home or a space with great views, you may prefer a shorter divider. Use a console or a short shelf or media cabinet to make it clear which part of your living space you and your guests are enjoying. Some people like to use shorter shelves in place of vintage-style pass-throughs.
  • You can fill your room dividers with books, other media, art objects, framed photographs and more to use it as storage, just like you would if you had placed the piece against a wall. For an airier atmosphere, leave shelving free of objects.

Modern Small Space Living

Room dividers make small space living more comfortable while adding a chic sense of decor. These dividers are a clever solution that let you use your space efficiently for maximum comfort and style.

  • You can create a living room within a studio by placing media consoles, towers and other shelving where you might imagine a wall would be in a larger home. This lets you define other areas by contrast, like a dining area or bedroom.
  • In a large home, an open floor plan can feel magnificent, but still benefit from clear gathering points. Make your spaces feel smaller and more intimate with room dividers.
  • Create alcoves for privacy with your dividers in a smaller home. Try using furnishings to outline a dressing area or to shield prep areas when having friends dine at your place.

Styling New Rooms around Dividers

By selecting scaled furnishings for your home, you can enhance your space using stylish, well-made room dividers. Style your home as you would a home of any size when you have these modern furniture elements.