The Everett Collection

Featuring graceful contours and gently sloping lines, west elm’s Everett Collection represents classic artistry at its finest. Perfect for the living room or a private entertainment room, these beautiful pieces work well with a variety of design styles. If you want to create a space with a distinctive, retro feel, the swept-back angles of our Everett sofa or chair harmonize well. They also enhance modern layouts thanks to simple lines that contribute to a bright and open feel. Because this collection highlights a chic, intimate appearance, the pieces can also be great options for smaller apartments. That way, you can enjoy comfort and elegance without feeling cramped. We also offer rounded dining tables that utilize limited areas smartly. And tall bookcases take advantage of vertical space to free up more room for you.
Our Everett collection pieces are available in countless fabrics and tones, which means that your color options are only limited by your imagination. If you want your chair, for example, to be an accent piece, you can choose a bold hue such as Goldengate or Poppy. This way it immediately captures the attention of guests when they walk into the room. If you decide to pair that chair with a bright paint color – a deep blue, perhaps – the result can be quite stunning. Playing with color combinations such as these, both dark colors or softer pastels, can turn an ordinary living room into an unforgettable space that will impress visitors and, most importantly, make you feel happy when you’re in it. And you don’t have to stop there. Our numerous styles of side tables allow you to customize even further.