Choosing a Modern Crib for Your Nursery

Since babies spend so much time sleeping, choosing the right crib is a big decision. There are many options to wade through, including basic cribs and convertible cribs. To decide on the right modern crib for your home, there are three key steps to take.

1. Measure Your Space

Before settling on a crib, you'll need to take a few measurements to ensure the crib will fit properly. The space you choose for your modern crib should be away from windows and window curtains, vents and radiators. Depending on your space limitations, choose from standard-sized cribs and miniature baby cribs.

2. Choose Your Features

Though a crib does not need to include any special features, certain west elm cribs offer innovations that can be quite useful for new parents.

  • Convertible cribs are any cribs which can transform into a toddler bed. Using a special conversion kit, you can extend the life of these cribs and continue to use them as your baby grows.
  • Storage cribs come with roomy drawers at the base which can be used to store clothing, toys, changing supplies and more.
  • Many cribs also have multiple height options so you can adjust the height of the crib to a comfortable position.

3. Pick Your Finish

Though it is primarily a functional furnishing, the right modern crib for your space should also coordinate well with the rest of the nursery.

  • Baby cribs in wood tones coordinate especially well with natural, woodland or forest-themed nurseries.
  • Elegant painted white cribs look beautiful in most nurseries.
  • If you can't decide, some cribs offer a mix of both styles, with a wooden base and painted crib slats.

Choosing the right modern crib takes only three easy steps. First, determine the amount of space available in your nursery. Next, weigh the options between basic and convertible cribs and decide on required features. Finally, choose a crib color that will fit your nursery scheme. Once you have your crib in place, add a crib mattress and crib sheets to create the perfect cozy space for your baby to sleep.