Teen Rugs to Set The Mood in Any Bedroom

Explore the rich variety of teen rugs available now to dress up the decor of your teen's bedroom. With beautiful colors, touchable textures, plus a slew of patterns made for teenage design sensibilities, these rugs lend a design boost to bedrooms and other teen hangout spaces in your home. Try one in a kids' lounge or to span the area between your teen's bedroom and the kids' bathroom. A well-made rugs warms up a space literally, but also adds a decor touch that sets the tone for the season or to match a recent design update. Shop teen rugs now to see how you can transform your teenager's room.

What Are Teen Rugs?

Teen rugs are similar to any other rug in your home, only they're designed to allow for a youthful aesthetic and the potential for slightly higher traffic or heavier wear.

  • When laying rugs for teen bedroom scenes, use the same proportions you would in any room. Even if you're going big, an area rug usually leaves a border of flooring around the edge. Rugs aren't the same as wall-to-wall carpet.
  • Smaller area rugs can complement specific furnishings and help to define an area, like a study alcove with a desk and chair or a vanity area with a mirror and dresser. Teen bedrooms often include multi-purpose styling to let kids have privacy and develop a sense of purpose and self.
  • The main differences are usually in aesthetics. For instance, you might love a big medallion or an intricate trellis pattern, but in your teen's room, color blocking, brighter colors, bolder patterns or soft pastels might be a better fit.

Choosing The Rug for Your Decor

When shopping for teen rugs, consider the decor you already have or want to bring home. Many people use rugs as a way to update furniture they still love. When you're ready for a new look, a rug is a low-key way to make a big change.

  • When your teen grows from kids' furniture to teen or adult pieces that reflect his or her style, a new rug can help transition the overall look of the room. Bridge new and old elements with teen rugs.
  • Think about where you want to place the rug. If it's in a doorway or threshold, you might want to choose a thicker weave or tighter pile for strength. Next to a bed, fluffy rugs feel wonderful underfoot.
  • See which colors and patterns are going to bring out the best in the rest of your decor. You can stay within a palette, match an accent color or make a statement with a bold contrast color.

Having Fun with Texture

Teen rugs are often about texture. Select one that corresponds with other textures in the room. Inspiration might include an upgrade from kids' bedding to piles of blankets and sophisticated layered looks or the interesting texture of wall art and other decorative objects.

Have fun choosing your new rug and see what it does to refresh your teen's room.