We're Making The Switch To All LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Brighten up your home and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent lighting, making it an excellent choice for your greener home. Our collections include several different lighting options, including fixtures and bulbs. Choose from a variety of styles and shapes to complement your space.

LED lighting requires little power. Although brightness can vary, an 8 W or 12 W bulb can emit approximately the same amount of light as a 60 W incandescent bulb. LED lights also use less energy than CFL lights. Therefore, making this simple switch in your home can help you set up an energy efficient space. In addition, LED bulbs last longer than both incandescent and CFL bulbs. You can get many years of regular use out of a single bulb, which saves you from changing the bulbs in your ceiling flushmounts.

Modern LED lights offer a variety of warmth and ambience options. Many LED light bulbs perfectly mimic the warmth and comfort of traditional incandescent lights, which makes them an ideal addition to your living room floor lamps. For spaces that call for brighter lights such as kitchens and work spaces, you can also find several options. Opt for silver tipped bulbs that block light coming from the center, creating a charming glow.

Most LED light bulbs fit in standard light fixtures and lamps. You can place them in your pendant lights, table lamps and chandeliers. However, you should check the Edison screw base type before purchasing a bulb. At west elm, we carry a variety of bulbs that are compatible with LED dimmer switches, offering you plenty of control over the lighting conditions in the room. Turn up the lights while you read or cook dinner, and dim them when you watch a movie or set the table for an intimate dinner party. Unlike CFL lights, LED lights don’t need to “warm up,” so you can enjoy instant light the second you flip the switch.

LED bulbs can be decorative objects in their own right. Our collections include eye-catching pieces that mimic the charm of Edison’s original bulbs. These work well in lamps and fixtures that leave bulbs in full display. You can use this look to put together a rustic decor scheme or to complement a contemporary space.

For instant illumination, you can also opt for LED lighting fixtures. These include built-in LED lights, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right bulb or installing wiring. Simply choose a space and hang up your light – it’s as easy as hanging a framed print. Be sure to choose a space near an outlet, as these pieces require a power source.

LED lighting is an energy efficient way to brighten up a dark room. You can add table lamps to side tables and floor lamps to corners without significantly boosting your environmental impact. However, you can use other accessories to boost the impact of your LED bulbs. Mirrors are wonderful accessories for illuminating spaces. They reflect light back into the room, which is almost as good as another light source. Hang a large mirror on an empty wall or arrange smaller mirrors to create an artistic style.

Light colored furniture and decor accessories also help brighten up a room. Use a white, ivory or pastel rug to offset dark flooring, or choose lighter colors for your upholstery and drapes. Opt for clean, simple lines and minimalist styles to create a bright and modern look. Because of their long lifespan, LED bulbs are low maintenance. However, you can boost the brightness in your room with a bit of extra care by dusting fixtures and bulbs regularly to remove dust that might otherwise block the light.

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