Lighting Under $100

Light fixtures are generally designed to focus on three areas of illumination: accent lighting, ambient lighting and task lighting. Each aspect helps bring a room to life in a special way, either by enhancing your artwork and decorations, making sure spaces have the right vibe or giving you plenty of light to converse and read. However, that’s just scratching the surface. In addition to practical applications, the light fixtures in a space stand out for decorative reasons as well. They can create a specific theme or cater to a certain time period effortlessly. At west elm, we take everything all the way. That’s why our light fixtures aren’t afraid to be expressive and powerful. They make a big impression anywhere you want them to. How can you decorate with our lighting under $100? Here are a couple of suggestions to inspire you.

One of the first questions you probably ask is: what kind of lighting can you use for accent, task and ambient lighting? Which type of light fixture is the best for each situation? The answer is pretty liberating. In reality, there are virtually no limits to how you can use things like pendant lights, table lamps, sconces, chandeliers and floor lamps. True, that depends somewhat on if you prefer traditional or modern decor, but most layouts give you tons of flexibility to use what you like, where you like it. Want to hang a pendant directly above your desk in a home office or your vanity table in the bedroom? Go for it! It’s a bold and chic move that draws attention to your workspace, gives you helpful task lighting, and definitely gives the room a vintage mood.

What are some other ways – and rooms – where pendants really shine? They can give any space your personal touch. Besides adding a touch of French elegance to a bedroom, pendants can turn your bathroom into a retro haven of peace and love, your living room into a minimalist masterpiece and the dining room into a spot for martinis, memories and romance. Luxurious mirrors are a great addition to reflect ambient light when you’re going for a 1920s look. A kitchen island is a favorite spot of interior decorators for pendant lighting since it’s immediately visible and makes food prep easier at the same time.

The beauty of pendant light fixtures – one of the things that make them amazing – is that you have many placement options. You decide how high or low and the type of cord used to hang them. How can you use that to make a big impression? In the bedroom for example, if you’re looking for the soft illumination of a table lamp – but without the table – use pendants instead. They add gorgeous vertical lines to the edges of an accent wall and show off your bed as the room’s star. Like the look of track lighting in the corner of your living room yet feel like something more substantial? Go with an arrangement of several globe-shaped glass pendants of varying heights. They handle illumination and are practically a work of art in their own right.

This is just one example, of course. Can you think outside the box with other kinds of lighting like table lamps or wall sconces? Definitely. Have a two-story living room with a very large wall and a fireplace? Give that accent wall some extra height with an appropriately sized piece of artwork above, along with some sconces between halfway and three-quarters up the wall. This way, you connect the floor and ceiling and make everything feel balanced. A couple of long pendants hanging from the ceiling have the same effect. You can even combine different kinds of lighting, like a mixture of flushmounts and pendants if your home has areas with multiple levels like a staircase with a balcony or a studio area overlooking the living room.

In reality, the possibilities are endless. Unleash your creative juices to the max and go with designs and ideas that excite you. Artistic backdrops, formal collections or your very own industrial revolution in decor are right at your fingertips.

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