Table Lamps

Keep all the spaces you reside in well illuminated with our table lamps at west elm. Maybe you look forward to arriving home each evening after work so you can sit back and relax on the sofa and read the day’s news on your electronic device or in the newspaper. If so, complement your collectible art deco knick-knacks with a glass-based table lamp that offers a similar appearance. Set it on your living room side table, a handy position for turning it off and on easily. Your other side table is the ideal home to a lamp that reminds you more of a piece of moon artwork than a traditional lamp, as it takes up its position in length rather than height, featuring the light globe on one end. The lamp’s LED bulbs keep you from having to replace them on a regular basis, allowing you to spend more time enjoying this unique illuminator.

Let there be light on your home office desk space with a lamp that features a swivel neck. The rotating head allows you to bring illumination close to your art projects that require working with tiny parts or pulling it back from your laptop while working on daily work correspondence and other related tasks. The brass finish nicely matches the similar accents featured on your antique office desk and chair. Maybe your office speaks more to an industrial decor. If that’s the case, an office desk light with a complementary look fits well in the room. Its movable, locking arm lets you set it into position, knowing that if someone bumps the light, it holds its stance, allowing you to continue your work at ease without the distraction of light movement.

Complement your ceramic vase decor collectibles displayed in your entryway with a lamp reminiscent of the ceramic pieces: a vase with a lamp shade. Plant the light on your entryway table next to the notepad and pen, providing you light when writing messages to family members. Contrast your ceramic vases with a lamp that features an etched glass base instead, bringing attention to this piece when guests enter your home.

Balance the look of your black stone fireplace with a complementary, soft-stone-based light taking residence on the mantel. Depend on this mantel lamp for illuminating the space on warm evenings when there is no light coming from the hearth. If your fireplace design features marble, then a matching marble lamp partnered on the nearby side table further enhances the space and shows off your love for the attractive rock decor. A lamp with a head-shaped top that swivels back and forth lets you shed light on various parts of the room.

Adorn your bedside table with a lamp that reminds you of the totem poles you once photographed on vacation. Pick a base that is matte black or traditional white to match the bed frame. The clear cord on the light is a nice disguise, putting more focus on the nightstand illuminator and making you think of it as a piece of artwork sitting next to your bed.

Highlight your shutterbug pastime with a bedside or console lamp that features tripod legs just like your camera stand. The three-legged base keeps it grounded, even if you accidentally give it a little nudge. The tilting head allows you to move it as you need when cozied up in bed with a book or curled up on the couch with your electronic device.

Add to the brass furnishings in your bedroom with a dresser lamp or one for your bedside table that features the same distinguished metal finish. A light that complements your bedposts and bed frame gives the space an antique feel, and at the same time, one with a tiered head expresses your endearment for the look of tiered chandeliers.