Outdoor Rugs

Rugs are really useful elements of home decor. The same way that your favorite painting lights up a room and stands out, rugs make floor space even more exciting. They focus attention on specific areas of the home, almost like giving your guests a guided tour of the highlights. Area rugs also create ambience. Depending on the style you choose, a space feels bright and open or warm and cozy. Certain motifs give spaces an artistic vibe that enhances minimalist furniture. At west elm, our goal is to provide you with every possible design tool – including area rugs, lighting, artwork, decorative pieces and distinctive furniture to name a few – so that you’re free to innovate to your heart’s content. That way every room looks custom-made just for you. That includes exterior areas as well. So, what can outdoor rugs do for your patio, backyard, terrace or other open-air space?

There are a lot of advantages to using all-weather rugs with an outdoor design layout. One big plus is the ability outdoor rugs have to define individual spaces within larger areas. Inside, this is one of an interior designer’s favorite tricks, especially in open-concept spaces. A rug makes a subtle distinction between different portions of a room. For example, you might have one spot dedicated to dining, another for entertaining and conversation, and maybe a smaller nook with an armchair where you can relax solo. Rugs bring a little bit of order by making each place into its own island. At the same time, they can stay harmonious when you incorporate rugs with similar designs or colors.

What does that mean for a back yard or patio? You can take advantage of the space available to create enticing focal points all around. One spot might be a bar with tall stools where you can entertain your friends by mixing drinks in style. On the opposite side of your lawn, you might have a brick pizza oven or fireplace with a number of chairs for guests to take in the warmth and savor homemade cooking at its finest. A dining set lets everyone sit down at the table and laugh over a tasty meal. Fire pits, poolside seating and supercomfy sectionals for relaxing are a couple of other outdoor options. A beautiful rug in each area draws attention to them and clearly shows guests the way.

Also, by creating an artificial border to the space, you get the best of both worlds. An open and spacious atmosphere overhead, and a cozy and intimate sensation when seated with loved ones. Everyone feels comfortable and close, even though there’s more than enough legroom to stretch out. An when you’re enjoying some quiet time, few things are as refreshing as being able to kick off your shoes and go barefoot.

All-weather rugs are ideal for outdoor spaces – and work great in indoor spaces too – for a couple of reasons. First, they can handle the elements without flinching. Snow, rain, wind and pretty much anything else you can think of doesn’t faze them a bit. They’re also very easy to maintain. Many people like to grab a garden hose when it’s time to wash them off. After a quick open-air drying, they’re ready for action. That means they’re ideal for poolside areas as well. Not only do they dry off your feet, but they also help to prevent slipping as you ease into your chaise.

Does that mean you can use outdoor rugs in the garden? Definitely. If you want to design a special secluded spot to enjoy your morning coffee surrounded by hummingbirds and blossoming flowers, an all-weather outdoor rug lets you do it in a comfortable way. A bistro table and chairs on top is a little bit French and very chic.

The patterns of an outdoor rug also give you a lot of design flexibility. Stripes are modern and artistic. Geometric shapes give the space an exotic touch. That’s great if you want to make a spa-inspired haven for relaxation, perhaps with large planters all around. Neutral-toned rugs are wonderful because they match virtually any color scheme and the decorative accents you have in mind.

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