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Rugs and Windows

When it comes to outfitting your space, rugs and window treatments are two items that provide the finishing touches. Whether you need blackout curtains to help block UV rays or require an area rug to make your living space comfortable, floor and window coverings from west help can help you create a modern and contemporary relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Solid and Patterned Rugs

There are myriad options when it comes to rug selection. Opt for a patterned rug to make your floor the focal point of the room, or a solid-colored rug to blend in for a subtle touch. Different patterns, styles and colors are available to outfit your space.

Shop By Style or Fiber

Instead of shopping by color or pattern, you can also choose to shop by style or fiber. Opt for Moroccan style rugs for a luxurious feel and pile height, or Persian style rugs for an authentic look and feel. Natural fiber rugs are also available in both Moroccan and modern styles, to complement your existing decor.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes can certainly add a lot to a room. Look for Roman shades to let a vast amount of light in, or choose thick drapes for privacy and to block out light. Available in a variety of constructions from Belgian flax linen to cotton, you have a wealth of window treatment options available.

Blackout Curtains

A special type of curtain, blackout curtains protect your home and furniture from UV rays, but they’re also a sound economic choice. In the winter, they help keep cold air out, and in the summer cool air stays in, thus saving on energy bills.

Outdoor Rug and Window Options

If you’re trying to accessorize an outdoor space, such as a patio, deck or mudroom, there are many outdoor rug and window options available to meet your needs. With the ability to stand up to the elements, outdoor rugs and curtains are built especially tough to last through every season.

Rug and Window Accessories and Hardware

Don’t forget the accessories when it comes to rugs and window treatments. For example, rug pads help you protect your investment while keeping your floor safe from scratches and marks, and window hardware helps you hang up your window treatments in style. From rods to knobs, you can easily add a modern and contemporary feel to any room in the home.