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Ideas for Matching Rugs With Drapes

When it comes to matching rugs with drapes, it's important to decide which design element you want to play the leading role. Window treatments and rugs play important parts in any room. However, consider picking just one to be the star and the other to play a supporting role. Once you decide which will act as the showstopper, you can incorporate these ideas for matching rugs and drapes with the many options available at west elm.

Coordinate by Color Scheme

Color schemes are tried and tested and the perhaps the easiest way to coordinate rugs with drapes. Choose themes that reflect the mood you want to project in the room. Monochromatic color schemes, various shades of one hue, evoke a sense of tranquility. Contrary to connotation, monochromatic schemes don't have to be all white, all black or gray to be soothing. You can create a serene scene with various shades of purple or blue. Try matching soft blue draperies with a cobalt blue rug. If you decide on a rug with a print or pattern, select one with the drapery color in it. Paisley patterned curtains in royal blue would compliment a cream colored rug with a royal blue border. Complementary color schemes bring energy into a room.

Unfamiliar with complementary color schemes? Use college and professional sports team color combos as a guide. The Los Angeles Lakers' or Minnesota Vikings' purple and gold and the Florida Gators' or New York Knicks' orange and blue are solid examples of complementary colors that work. Mix and match drapes and rugs with hints of these complementary colors. Use throw pillows to reinforce this color scheme to create a vibrant space. Want more drama than found in monochrome? Consider an analogous scheme comprised of colors next to each other on the color wheel. This includes blue, blue-green and green or red, violet-red and violet. When working with analogous color schemes, choose one color to play the dominant role. Drapes with green, yellow-green and yellow can work with a rug that has one of those colors as the dominant color. Consult a color wheel and play with color scheme combinations.

Combine Style and Texture

Use different textures and styles to coordinate drapes and rugs. A funky retro-themed drape works with a shag carpet, a stable in 1970s-themed decor. Go glam mixing luxurious Persian-style rugs with opulent drapes. Get that bohemian vibe by matching tied-dyed or tribal-themed drapes with a Moroccan or other ethnic design. Create an ultra-contemporary space by mixing drapes and rugs with strong geometric patterns.

Play With Patterns

Although experimenting with patterned rugs or drapes can be tricky, it's less intimidating when incorporating design rules in color schemes and texture. Create a sense of unity by choosing different patterns in the same color scheme. Blue and gold stripes work with a blue and gold floral pattern. You can also bring harmony to a space by using texture as the unifying design element. Woven linen drapes in any color will work well with natural fiber rugs. Remember to consider shades, blinds and other window coverings that provide added texture. Scale is important when mixing patterns. A large print works better on a larger rug. Some designs, such as animal prints, are patterned neutrals, as in, they can work in almost any room. Leopard or zebra print rugs can work with solid colors in almost any color scheme.

Remember to consider rugs and window treatments as two players in the scene you're trying to create in a room. Furniture, lighting, pillows and accessories all play important parts. However, the amount of coverage that rugs and drapes provide a room makes them featured performers. Coordinate their roles and set the stage for a beautiful space.

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