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What is a flat woven rug?

Flat woven rugs are a vibrant confluence of craftsmanship, color, and design. Created with natural fibers and often handspun on narrow looms, they contain less material than thicker rugs, which gives them a unique, elegant look. With their bold colors, textures, and complex patterns they appear as modern paintings on your floor.

Flatweaves are eminently practical, too. They're reversible. They're relatively lightweight, easy to maneuver, and flexible when stored. Their natural materials make them excellent choices for people with allergies, as dust accumulation is minimal. Shorter pile makes it easy to vacuum up dirt and dust and clean off stains.

west elm's collection of Moroccan-style flat weave rugs is inspired by the intricate and boldly-patterned rugs created during the Paleolithic Era. The same quality and artistry from long ago is brought to you with a modern twist, in natural fabrics that feel good on your feet and in a dazzling array of texture and color.

Typical fabrics of flat woven rugs

The primary material in flat woven rugs is wool, with a mix of cotton, viscose, or jute. This blend of natural fibers makes the rugs comfortable and durable. Dhurries and kilims are flat-woven with wool and cotton in bright colors that are easy to clean. You can find them in mixes of 60% jute fibers and 40% cotton fabrics to create two-toned diamond patterns. You can find rugs, too with a southwestern feel, that use heathered yarns and pastel shading in a 75% wool and 25% cotton soft, durable blend.

If you care about ethics as much as you covet style, you'll appreciate that many of our flat woven rugs are Fair Trade Certified, which means that each rug created supports better living and working conditions for the artisans involved in its creation.

Jute, featured in many of our flat woven rugs, is known as the 'golden fiber' for its golden and silky shine. Jute is strong, breathable, soft, pliable, and revered for its ability to blend with other natural fibers, including wool and cotton. Kind to the earth, jute is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable.

How to care for a flat woven rug

Protect and maintain the beauty of your flat weave rug by following these key steps:

  • Keep the rug flat on the floor: Flatweave rugs wrinkle and buckle more than other rugs, so the wrinkled sections wear with regular foot traffic. Keep your rug as flat as possible to prevent wear to these rug parts.

  • Keep the rug anchored by furniture: When possible, place some furniture on your rug. This anchoring looks good and keeps rugs in place on the floor.

  • Prevent unnecessary traffic: Try to position the rug deep in the room, where there's not too much foot traffic. This helps prevent wrinkles, slipping, and soiling.

  • Rotate the rug annually: Rotate your rug once a year to reduce premature wear. Remove all furniture from the rug and turn it in either direction to rearrange the sections, even slightly. Take note for next year!

  • Vacuum regularly: Vacuum carefully to remove loose dirt and debris that's trapped between the interwoven fibers. Regular vacuuming will also prevent stains from developing.

  • Spot clean immediately: If you see a stain on your rug, clean it right away. Use a soap and water solution, or try a teaspoon each of detergent and white vinegar, plus two quarts of warm water: a gentle solution that removes tough stains. To be safe, spot test a small area to make sure there's no negative reaction. After cleaning, simply air dry.

Best places for flat woven rugs

With their bright colors and playful patterns, flatweave rugs are ideal for the playroom. Their lively vibe and soft surface invites kids to come in and hang out. Because they have a thin pile, kids can play on them with ease. Plus, their natural materials are friendly to children with allergies.

Dining rooms are splendid for flat weave rugs, too. The shorter pile makes it easy to slide chairs in and out under the table, and indentations from the chairs, table, and other heavy furniture are much less noticeable. Since most flatwoven rugs are patterned, they look great underneath a solid colored dining room table, and provide a dramatic center point. Why not choose a bold color in your rug, and buy chairs with velvet cushions to match?

The natural fibers in flat weave rugs blend beautifully in large sizes, and look fine anchoring a family room pool or ping pong table, under a kitchen table, or as the central focus of a large living room. The patterns translate into small rugs, too, and we have sizes that work as accents in hallways, foyers, and smaller spaces in your home.

Since flat woven rugs are lighter than pile rugs, it's a good idea to use a rug pad underneath. Pads add cushion to the rugs and prolong their life. These rugs tend to wrinkle when people slip on them, and the rug pad prevents that from happening. Rug pads also keep rugs flat to the ground, so they stay secure and keep you and your guests safe from falls.

Flat woven rugs today transcend generations with their beauty and distinction, embodying artistic influences from around the world. They blend ancient patterns with contemporary flair, and work well in every room in your home.

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