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An important part of your ensemble in every room of the home, your rug or carpet can reflect a lot of your sense of personal style and taste. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, a rug also has several uses that should be considered as you peruse and decide which one to bring home. For rooms that are uncarpeted, placing area and accent rugs down protects your hardwood flooring when coupled with a rug pad. In addition, it’s likely you’re relaxing in your own home in stocking feet or in bare feet, so the feel of the rug underneath provides luxurious comfort. The history of Moroccan rugs stems back from the Paleolithic Era, where indigenous tribal peoples of Morocco wove intricate and boldly-patterned rugs for their own tribal uses. Traditional Moroccan rugs are either shag or flat-woven, and in some cases, are knotted rugs. Today, Moroccan-style rugs draw on that same quality and beautiful pattern-making from so long ago. Shop west elm for a variety of different styles of Moroccan rugs, from shag types with a high pile and luxe feel, to flatwoven rugs, which add contemporary and modern style to your decor.

If you’re considering Moroccan-style shag rugs, they are typically smaller rugs, and are great as accent rugs in your dining room, entry way or bedroom. Additionally, you can pair several shag rugs in your living room or in larger spaces for a complementary look, or use contrasting patterns for an eclectic flavor. Shag rugs have a high pile height, and feel soft and comfortable under the feet.

Not your mother’s shag rugs of the 1970s, these Moroccan-style ones are made of natural fibers, such as wool and cotton, and many of them have been woven in a Fair-Trade Certified (FTC) facility, ensuring you that you’re buying a product that’s eco-safe and environmentally friendly, as well as from a company that treats its workers with fairness. Many of these shag rugs are handmade in India. As shag carpet does have high pile height, it is recommended to vacuum them regularly, especially in high-traffic areas. Beyond that, you may spot clean or use regular carpet cleaning sprays to get out tough stains. Designed for durability, shag rugs are meant to last for years. When it comes to shapes and sizing, there are several types available, such as round, rectangular or square, and shag is available in a few sizes to suit your rug needs.

You may also find beautiful Moroccan-style patterns and weaving in flatwoven rugs. With less pile height than their shag counterparts, Moroccan-style flatwoven rugs still are comfortable under the feet and to the touch; they are simply thinner. Like other Moroccan-style rugs, flatwoven rugs are constructed out of natural fiber, and are often available in larger sizes to fit larger rooms and areas. These flatwoven rugs are ideal for living rooms, large kitchens and dining rooms and family rooms. Many of the flatwoven rugs are also available in smaller sizes as well, to be used as accent rugs in smaller spaces.

When styling area rugs, keep in mind the size of the room. You can go beyond some of the rules that you may have been taught, especially when it comes to decorating your living room. It’s an older rule of thumb that all legs of your living room furniture must rest on an area rug. Especially when you’re adding modern and contemporary patterned rugs, you can style them so that only the front feet of the furniture fit under the rug, or you can choose a rug length that fills the entire room. Area rugs can also be layered for a very modern, eclectic vibe.