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Natural Fiber Rugs

Dress up your hardwood floors with natural rugs. With their pure jute material, simple designs and various colors, natural fiber rugs complement any room or space in your home. Begin with your entryway by planting a rug runner just past the front door to welcome you and your guests every time someone comes through the door. Create physical harmony with your entryway wood table by decorating the floor with a rug that balances the natural colors of the wood, such as a light brown or tan shade or a rug with both colors. A little subtle design, such as a herringbone pattern can also jazz up the space. Since the front door entryway is a high-traffic area, protect the flooring with a rug pad placed underneath the rug.

Safeguard your kids’ bare feet and their toys with natural-fiber carpets in the playroom or the rec room. Since youngsters tend spend time playing on the floor in this space, placing several of these rugs in the room lets find a comfy spot to play on as they please. With the curtains wide open exposing natural light, maybe they prefer to play with dolls or cars under the window, or perhaps the center of the playroom is more comfortable for reading books or watching cartoons on an electronic device. If the kids wear their shoes in the house, the rugs double as a shield for the floor, as the natural jute material is a rough fiber that easily endures the rigors of shoe-wearing children at play. This room intended for fun and games deserves pops of color, so throw down different shades, such as blue, pink and yellow.

For homes with or without a dishwasher, the space below the kitchen sink sees thousands of hours, over time, of foot traffic; mostly stationary. Protecting the feet and this popular, yet confined floor space with a durable west elm rug doubles as an ideal way to decorate the kitchen with a carpet that matches the room’s primary, natural color. As a smaller standing area, a rug no more than 3’ in length suffices, especially in an efficiency apartment or condo. Keep the color and design theme consistent in your culinary quarters and put down the same solid color rug under your seating area. This provides a stylish way to keep the floor in the same condition as you found it, free of scratches from your kitchen chairs. The area likely requires a covering up to 12’ in length to accommodate a larger number of seats.

Like the kitchen sink, the bathroom vanity is another common area that sees a lot standing time: brushing teeth, combing hair, applying makeup and completing other important tasks that require a mirror. A doormat size rug is ideal here, especially when feet are usually bare, as a floor covering helps keep the toes warm on cool days and nights. A natural-fiber rug with brown, black, tan or ivory colors is perfect when your bathroom features a lot of wood accents.

Decorate the ground where you feet last touch just before slumber with a floor covering that complements your naturally themed bedroom. Your sleeping palace has earth tones displayed in your choice of wall paint, window treatments and bedding, so bringing it together with a matching rug completes the look. And the rug allows you a place to wipe your feet before slipping under your clean sheets and heading toward dreamland. Add a natural rug with a little flare of color at the foot of your bed to create a bit of accent to the room. Or with a smaller space, use it to help create the feeling of a larger room, similar to the effects of hanging a mirror.

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