Rug Pads

west elm’s rugs are works of art that put your signature style on any room. They make a great first impression in the entryway. If you have a glass dining room table, a vibrant area piece underneath captures guests’ attention and gives them something to talk about for a long time. In the living room, a silk rug sets the tone for the rest of the decor, whether modern, minimalist, art deco, vintage or classic. Needless to say, it’s easy to get extremely excited about all the possibilities your rugs offer. To keep them looking just as breathtaking years from now, experts recommend using a rug pad underneath. Here’s why.

First of all, rug pads protect your rug. They do this in two ways that you might not expect. First, a rug pad keeps the fibers from brushing up against other materials, such as wood, tile or cement. After a lot of use, a bare rug can start to lose some of its fibers because of this constant friction. But with a rug pad? Nothing at all to worry about. The soft surface takes good care of them.

Also, a rug pad prevents crushing. Basically, the pad itself absorbs most of the energy produced when people walk over the rug. It creates a flexible barrier between hard flooring and feet or pieces of furniture. That way rug fibers spring right back up, preserving that elegant and smooth surface. That’s especially helpful with wool rugs that have longer strands. They retain that fluffy and supersoft texture you love so much.

Area rugs look exquisite when stretched out underneath furniture with no creases or raised sections. That way light falls evenly across the whole piece, enhancing its colors and textures and making its intricate details shine. It’s similar to the effect a painting has on your walls. When correctly aligned, admirers can’t take their eyes off it. Accent rugs look just as gorgeous with that same sleek profile that a rug pad underneath creates.

Keep safety first with a non-slip rug. Some surfaces – wood and tile flooring especially – can become very slick. Natural fibers have a tendency to slide across them unexpectedly, like socks on a recently waxed floor. But with a pad, your rug isn’t going anywhere, even if there are little kids running around on it. Also, because the rug pad keeps it lying perfectly flat, you don’t need to worry about tripping either. That’s a big relief for family members or visitors who have to use a movement aid.

Vacuuming your home’s rugs is highly recommended. It doesn’t take much time, and the benefits are excellent. By keeping dirt and dust out of its surfaces, you avoid a common cause of allergies and create a fresh and healthy ambience. Less dirt also means less wear, so the colors of your accent pieces stay intense and beautiful. How does a rug pad fit in? It keeps the rug from getting sucked into the vacuum. Instead, it just slides smoothly over for effortless cleaning.

Our rug pads have a number of distinctive advantages that make your life easier. For one thing, they work on any surface. It doesn’t matter whether your area rug is resting on carpet, tile, wood or any other material. One pad rules them all. They’re also available in tons of custom sizes. So you don’t need to worry about trying to cut the pad to the right measurements. Just pick out the one that fits – round ones too – and you’re ready to roll.

Thanks to their CRI Green Label compliant construction – which is the standard for household air quality – your rug pads are safe for kids to play around. They’re made from recycled materials to contribute to a greener planet. No harsh chemicals, no strong odors in your home. Just beauty, brightness and sweet emotion.

Naturally resistant to mold and mildew, our rug pads breathe. They’re safe to use in homes with floor heating and cooling systems. Minor condensation on the floor isn’t a problem. That’s a big plus in houses and apartments with high humidity levels as well. The bottom line? Rug pads are good for your home, good for your family and especially good for your rugs.

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