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When creating a custom interior design layout, there are a lot of elements you can use to give a room your signature touch. Furniture plays a big part, and so do wall colors and accent pieces. One or more windows are a huge advantage in decorating with excitement. They help your add your personality to your space and enhance your decor in a number of ways. First, light is your friend. It fills the space with a positive atmosphere and enhances artwork and decorative objects. And your curtains – as well as window hardware itself – give you a chance to express yourself artistically. They’re great for added a pop of color or adding a distinctive design motif to the mix. west elm wants your window treatments to stand out, which is why our window hardware is designed to complement your room’s personalized look.

There are several different kinds of window hardware, such as double-curtain rods, adjustable curtain rods and more. Not quite sure which one you’re looking for? Don’t worry. Here are some tips and possibilities to give you a few ideas, and always go with something that feels right to you for the space’s vibe.

An adjustable curtain rod is a big help when decorating because one size fits a variety of windows. You don’t need to worry about custom sizes or accidents when measuring. It also lets you leave your curtains exactly the way you want them, whether that’s a little more pleated or smoothed out. Adjustable pieces accommodate curtains as small as 28" all the way up to 144". Three different size ranges let you decorate kitchen, bedroom and even extended living room picture windows.

What about double curtain rods? They’re a versatile option with practical and fashion benefits. Double curtain rods let you hang two separate window treatments. From there, the possibilities are endless. For functionality, they can hold a blackout curtain to keep the sun out when it’s really hot outside or you want to sleep in. They’re also helpful for creating a layered look. Thick drapes with intricate details are beautiful when paired with delicate sheers. Use decorative pillows for even more room accents.

Double curtain rods also offer traditional elegance with valances, swags and draped cascades. Bright colors transport your living room to a tropical isle with a sophisticated sofa or love seat. Another idea is to combine a diaphanous shade material – for occasions when you want to let some soft light inside – with a heavy curtain that provides some privacy at night.

What are the advantages of curtain rings? They’re simple to install and make sliding your drapes very easy. If you like to open and close your window treatments a lot, curtain rings are a great option. And don’t worry – they’re every bit as formal and fashionable as pockets and hidden tabs. It all depends on the design you prefer.

High-quality window hardware can handle the weight of your curtains with ease. That’s especially helpful when you’re looking for straight lines that match up with the edges of your windows. It also lowers the number of brackets you need for installation.

Tension rods are practical for areas where you don’t want to drill any holes. A spring-loaded mechanism works by twisting into the interior window frame, ensuring a tight, even fit. Tension rods are helpful in any room where you’re limited on space. Because the rods slide inside the window frame, curtains stay flush with the wall. That way, you can decorate a cozy bathroom or kitchen without obscuring a wall sconce or mirror. Tension rods are also ideal for rental homes.

Think outside the box when choosing window hardware. Metal piping is beautiful for industrial design styles or informal 1920s-inspired decor. Other metal and reclaimed wood furniture, like a console table, complements this kind of laidback ambience. For something rustic, choose a wood curtain rod and deep curtains paired with a leather sofa that helps you relax with family and friends in this warm setting.

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