Window Treatments

Window treatments are both functional and decorative, and we at west elm offer styles that complement the decor of any room in your home. Colors range from soft neutral shades to striking dark tones. Patterns are also available in hues that stand out or blend delicately into the background of your room. The color variety creates a lot of options when you’re picking the shades and curtains for your living room or bedroom. Choose from the selection of curtain panels, window hardware and shades to decorate the windows in your home.

Versatile and Light-Blocking Blinds

Want an easy way to adjust the decor in a room? Blinds look great as a standalone window treatment or paired with curtains. Alone, blinds add a casual flair to the room. For a more formal effect, pair blinds with curtains. Blinds are useful for maintaining your privacy and keeping unwanted light out of a room when closed. To let more light into a room, all you have to do is open the slats of the blinds with a twist of the handle. That makes them a simple and versatile way to cover your windows.

Shades for Maximum Privacy

Like blinds, shades look great alone or when matched with a pair of drapes. Need to block out even more light and increase your privacy level? Shades are a useful decor item that achieves both of those things. Shades are available in light-diffusing styles, though, if you want the privacy of a shade while allowing some light to filter into the room. Shades come in a variety of colors to match the decor in any room. Choose white or neutral colors to easily create a themed effect. Or choose brighter pastels to complement the decor in a kid’s room.

Choosing Curtains by Color or Lifestyle Needs

Curtains and other types of window treatments blend into the background in most rooms, while also making a visual impact due to the way they complete the decor scheme. Choose curtains by colors or by the way you use the room. When choosing by color, consider neutral tones or complementary hues from the same color family as some of the other design element in the room. Need your curtains to fit lifestyle habits, like day sleeping or a low-light rooms? Curtains come in different fabrics and thicknesses. Night shift workers who sleep during the day, for example, may prefer blackout curtains to keep the room dark for day sleeping. A home with few windows may need to let more natural light in, making lacy or sheer curtains a pleasing option.

Ideas for Picking Curtain Rods

Curtain rods come in a variety of finishes to match different design elements in each room. Some room elements to match curtain rods to include the window trim or a favorite piece of furniture. Some other things that make a striking effect when paired with curtain rods include picture frames and sculptures.

Choosing Rings for Hanging Curtains

Consider matching curtain rings to the curtain rod or another decorative item in the room, like a favorite vase or cabinet hardware. When matched to the curtain rod, the rings blend into the background. Pair the rings with a brighter colored accent in the room or a color that contrasts the curtain rod to help them stand out.

Finishing Touches with Finials

Finials are the decorative pieces that mount on the ends of curtain rods, and they add a charming touch to the style of a room. Choose finials with simple, classic lines to match contemporary decor schemes. Want finials that get attention? Consider shiny metal-finish finals that catch and reflect the light. For finials that fade into the background, low-shine wood or brushed metal finishes add an elegant, muted effect to the room.

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook your windows when decorating. But by paying a little attention to these areas, you add personality to the entire space.

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