Pillows and Decor Sale

When you’re in the mood to refurnish or redecorate, one of the best things you can do to brighten up a room is to switch out items such as throw pillows and household decor. Whether you’re changing pillows around to coincide with a change in season or you’re adding a new splash of decor to liven up your space, the pillows and decor sale we have going on at west elm is just what you need to get your spring cleaning or winter redecorating started out right. Choose from a myriad of different modern and contemporary pillows, throws and decor to showcase your signature style in not only your living room but in all of the areas of the home.

Not only do you want pillows to be stylish and elegant, but you also want them to be comfortable and durable as well. An excellent idea is to grab one of your most comfortable and favorite pillows and dress it up with contemporary pillow covers. For example, a handmade and handcrafted embroidered pillow cover can add beautiful color to your space, complementing your existing decor and furniture. Choose from different sizes to fit various pillow inserts. An eye-grabbing lumbar pillow cover can breathe new life into your favorite lumbar pillow, while it still provides you with the generous back support you need when sitting.

In addition to being bright and cheerful, many of the available pillow covers are also easy to care for. A plus when using pillow covers is the ease of taking them off, cleaning them in the washing machine and adding a freshly cleaned cover back to the pillow afterward. If you have young children or pets at home, this gives you the benefit of not having to sacrifice your style.

Another simple way to elevate your decor a notch is to add a throw to the back of your love seat, sectional or sofa. Use neutral colors to add warmth to the room, or bright colors or patterns to add a pop of color as well as a focal point. Complement with your throw pillows, or use contrasting colors for a modern, eclectic look.

Single pieces of modern decor add character to any room in which you place them. Items like marble or metal sculptures work well on a side table, mantel or nightstand while decorative boxes or planters can spice up your mudroom, entryway or window ledge.