Lighting Sale

Decorate your home in style while saving even more with the lighting clearance items that we carry at west elm. Finish out the look with the lighting that suits the room perfectly or add a lamp you like ahead of time to have on hand for decorating with later. With multiple styles and fashions, you are sure to find a lamp or lighting setup that fits your desired look and your budget.

Buy on-sale lighting and have extra money to spend elsewhere. Tie everything in the room together with a splendid rug. Make a regal living room by hanging a chandelier light in the center of the room above the rug. Draw out patterns in the rug by matching the shapes in the chandelier. Alternatively, create a pleasant nook with a high shag rug under your feet, paired with overstuffed furniture and task lighting. Sconces serve as pleasant task lights for sofas when placed on each end. Create suitable lighting for a chair with a floor lamp that arcs above the seating area.

Relax in bed by giving the area a soft glow. Create a traditional look by placing a table lamp on the nightstand. Pulling out certain colors in the bedspread by using those same colors in the lamp. Let the lamp stand apart from the nightstand by making sure the colors contrast. You can create a fancier atmosphere by dangling a chandelier above the bed. Give the room a feeling of starry nights and old-time ballrooms. Use sconces on each side of the headboard to match the elegant look you are seeking. Have the sconces stand out from the color of the wall by choosing a color that clashes.

Feature traditional task lighting in the bathroom by placing sconces on each side of the bathroom mirror. Use the illumination in another way by having them reflect onto your wall art. Use the light to draw attention to a dramatic piece of artwork and create a focal point for the room. Create more of an airy feel to the room hanging a smaller art item and smaller sconces. You want the light to drawing attention to the art, not overpower it.

Fashion a stylish entryway and give guests a lasting first impression with the right lighting. Pair light fixtures with the entryway furniture you have to create an impressive space. Use chandeliers and pendant lights to give a gorgeous glow from above and take advantage of your ceiling space in an area that is typically crowded. Prevent the feeling of getting your head bumped by hanging the light at least 7 feet from the floor – higher if you sometimes have guests who are taller than 6 feet. If the ceiling is too low, consider using flush-mounted lighting instead. Use multiple fixtures to light a long hall or wider entry space. Space them apart evenly to keep the look neat.

Use our lighting sale to bring the perfect light into your office space. Place table lamps on the desk for a light that will make your work area pleasantly bright. You can also keep the desk clear and place a floor lamp nearby instead. Try a lamp with a movable head for personal lighting that can shine exactly the way you want. Create added comfort for your eyes by choosing a light that can be dimmed. When your eyes are tired, you can adjust the light to ease any possible strain.

Complete the look in the dining room with lights that show off your style and provide pleasant lighting for meals and other activities. Place a chandelier above the dining table for an elegant touch to the room. If you have a long table, use multiple pendant lights instead, a method that also works for a bar or middle island in your kitchen. Add pendant lights in your kitchen that match the chandelier in the dining room for a sense of cohesiveness. If you go the pendant light route, place one above the sink that is the same style but slightly smaller than the pendant lights above the dining table or breakfast nook.

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