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Rugs, flooring and windows sale events are your opportunity to buy those particular items that appeal to you at a lower price. If you see these items in this category, it can also mean that they are on clearance making the rugs, flooring and windows sale events an opportune time for you grab them while they are still in our inventory. What makes buying on sale even better is that, as with other offerings we have at west elm, the items that you see here have the same quality and come in a wide range of designs to suit your preferences and tastes.

Whether you want to replace old floor coverings or window treatments or want to create a whole new look using them, our rugs, flooring and windows sale section is a good place for you to start browsing, especially if you have a limited budget. As design elements, these large swaths of fabric provide a major contribution to the look and feel of your living room, dining room, bedroom or any other room where you plan on installing them. This means that with a few rugs and window treatments, you can alter the mood and aura of a room instantly by simply changing your floor covering or drapes.

Since our rugs, floor covering and windows sale section features a wide range of styles and designs, itʼs very likely that youʼll find a few items that match your existing furniture. Choosing the color and pattern of a rug is easy if you follow a few simple considerations. As a general rule, the color of the rug should be similar to the shade of the upholstery of any seating furniture in a particular room. If the rug has a pattern, match the color of pattern with the color of the upholstery. You can also use the rugs as some sort of a canvas to highlight the furniture in the room or use its color to give room visual contrast.

As far as window treatments go, you can follow a few simple tips when choosing the color and pattern on the fabric, but it will mostly depend on your taste. For instance, you can either choose a color that will blend with the decor or opt for one that jumps out at you. When deciding whether you should go with fabric with a solid color or with a pattern, choose a solid color if the rug or any other fabric in the room has a pattern and vice versa. Another consideration when it comes to the level of privacy that you want as well as the amount of outside light and breeze that you want to let into the room. If you want to let in light and breeze into a room, then go with sheer drapes but if you value privacy more, go with blackout curtains.

Before you start purchasing items from our rugs, flooring and window sale section, take measurements of the floor or window where you plan on putting installing the floor covering or drapes. Rugs for the living room should ideally go under the front legs of all the seating furniture. If you plan to have them in the dining room, the rug should be large enough to frame the dining table and chairs, even when the chairs are pulled out from the table. Bedroom rugs ideally should cover starting from two-thirds under the bed and run about 2 feet or more past the sides and foot of the bed.

The width of the window treatments should be at two-and-a-half times wider than the window. However, if you only wish to frame the windows using drapes, you can scale down its width down to about one-and-a-half times wider. This same standard goes for panels if you plan to install them as well. When measuring for length, measure from the curtain rod down to where you want the fabric to hang. You can have the drapes flow down into a neat pile on the floor or have them stop just before they hit the floor.

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